Taking Control Of Our Health Through Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a United States community-based preventive health screening organization. The company seeks to raise the awareness of unrecognizable health problems by encouraging people to take screening procedures. Lifeline Screening employs the use of advanced machines and a group of highly trained and experienced staff. For the last two and half decades, the institution has screened more than eight million people. Today, the institution screens over a million people annually by organizing community-based events nationwide. The focus on prevention and early detection of diseases goes further to address them before becoming full-blown illnesses. As a result, the standard of living improves and detected infections are easily managed.

Lifeline Screening conducts screening procedures depending on the client’s needs. There is a standard screening procedure that is purposed for preventive measure. However, there is a specific procedure that is performed on clients with risk factors for particular illnesses. The client should expect that the results will be shared with their primary care physician. Most of the screening processes are painless and non-invasive. Drawing blood is done in a professional and non-intrusive way. A client may expect to have a couple of blood drops drawn from the finger. Additionally, some processes require the client to be partially naked. Also, there are those that need time to prepare while there are those that you can just walk in and get tested.

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While going for a procedure at Lifeline Screening, an individual should wear short-sleeved shirt opened at the collar. The clothes should be loose. All types of ornaments including watches should not be worn. Additionally, all forms of lotions and sprays are discouraged. Switch the cell-phones off. Individuals going for abdominal screening should attend on an empty stomach. Don’t eat for the last four hours. Diabetes screening requires the client to fast for at least 12 hours as it ensures the results are accurate and more informative.

The Lifeline Screening processes come with a lot of benefits. Most importantly, the clients get informed of their current health state. Those found with an underlying disease can effectively manage the condition before it becomes a full-blown disease. Understanding the health status enables the clients to gain control of their health. Finally, underlying ailments are identified and addressed leading to low mortality rate. According to Center for Disease Control, most of the diseases affecting the heart, diabetes, and cancer are manageable if only they are detected early.

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