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Kushy Push Expands Sweet Cannabis Edibles Business into Nevada and Arizona

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In July of 2019, an award-winning Southern California-based premium cannabis edible brand called Kushy Punch made the move to expand their operations to Michigan, then also entered into the Arizona and Nevada markets later in the fall. It didn’t take long for the trend to catch on in Michigan as they sold out their products…

Isabel Dos Santos success

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Isabel Dos Santos is a African billionaire businesswoman, she is indeed Africa’s wealthiest woman. Out of all of the children in the family she is the oldest of Angola’s former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Who indeed was in charge of the country from 1979 to 2017. Because of Isabel Dos Santos success throughout her…

Wes Edens Takes Risks Inside and Outside The Board Room

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Wesley Robert Edens, Wes Edens for short,, is the current owner of The Milwaukee Bucks. Before he was the owner of the Bucks, he graduated from Oregon State University. He then got a position with the California Savings and Loan. He was successful there and was able to move on Merril Lynch and Smith Barney…

David McDonald and his leadership in OSI Group

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Founded in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has had tremendous success within the United States of America as well as across the globe. During all these years of operating in the meat processing and retail services, OSI Group has expanded to an extent whereby then now have 65 facilities in over 17 countries. One…

Equities First Holdings is Helping Many Get Loans

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Loans are a big source of a headache and a pain point for many people. Often people will do everything within their power to obtain some kind of loan with a bank but are still turned down. It can crush their dream of getting the money to do various things. Equities First Holdings is a…


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