T.J Maloney’s Led Lincolnshire Management Hires Professional Staff

Lincolnshire Management is an established company in the United States that specializes in investment and acquisition of private companies. The company is incorporated in New York where its head office is located. The company has another branch at Chicago and aims at serving its clients through the provision of expert tips on investment strategies. Lincolnshire has diverse interests in a wide range of industries such as the processing, manufacturing, and service ones. Lincolnshire management has over three decades of experience in private equity and has been successful in the management of mergers and acquisitions. Lincolnshire has expanded its operations through partnerships with various companies and purchasing others.

TJ Maloney’s Experience

  Maloney serves as Lincolnshire’s chief executive officer and his expertise in the management has enabled the company to expand and increase its revenues. TJ Maloney has substantial knowledge in the management of mergers and acquisitions having worked with reputable companies in the investment field before joining Lincolnshire company. TJ Maloney has over two decades of experiencing working at Lincolnshire Management. His organizational skills have spearheaded the success of Lincolnshire Management. Maloney has enabled the company to succeed in acquiring more than eighty private companies while at the helm. He is assisted in the management by a team of dedicated and professional staff. TJ Maloney attributes the success the company has achieved to the Lincolnshire’s Management policy of recruiting the talented people who identify with the goal of the company.

Lincolnshire Management Adds Professionals to Steer the Company to New Heights

 Lincolnshire has announced that four professionals have joined the company in its effort to seek more investment opportunities for the benefit if the company. The four professionals include Nicolas Vega Llon who is joining as a senior associate of the company, Matthew Nacier will also serve as a senior associate, Yashna Ginodia and George Stolt who will work as analysts.

TJ Maloney described the four professionals as talented professionals who will enable the company to identify numerous investment opportunities. Matthew Nacier returns to Lincolnshire with an incredible resume having served at Lincolnshire Management as an intern.

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