Sussex Healthcare Is A Leading Healthcare Provider In The UK

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers that operate throughout the United Kingdom today. They take healthcare extremely seriously and have been doing so for quite some time since they first opened back in 1985. Sussex understands the needs of their patients, which is why they hire only the most dedicated and passionate for assisting patients at one of their fifteen facilities. Since the healthcare industry is still expanding, becoming one of the top performing companies in the assisted living department is quite the achievement for Sussex Healthcare. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

Shafik Sachedina has made huge contributions to the overall success of the company, always focusing on the needs of customers. Shafik is a longtime businessman that is a medical expert, attending some of the best medical schools in the world today. Although he focused on dentistry in the beginning, Shafik has become a well-respected man in the medical field on an international level. Read this article at

Sussex Healthcare is still opening new facilities on a regular basis and they intend to find the very best caregivers from around the UK to provide quality healthcare to all residents. This is a major concern for Shafik Sachedina, as his biggest philosophy for working in the healthcare industry is a passion for helping others and seeing them live happily. Currently, Sussex Healthcare is hiring individuals for all positions at their facilities, from nurses, cooks, and even administrative staff. Not only is Sussex aiming to have the very best caregivers in the business, but they have some of the best trained medical staff as well, which has been a major contributor to the companies success over the years.

Residents safety and happiness is a top priority at all facilities, in order to make residents feel like they are living at home. There are a plethora of different activities that are available at Sussex Healthcare centers as well as regular events.



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