Suicide Squad Gets A Dark TV Trailer

Suicide Squad is one of the more intriguing of all superhero films ever made. That’s because the characters who make up the Suicide Squad are not heroes at all. They are villains, and they are some of the meanest villains in the D.C. Comics library. Killer Croc really is a killer. So are Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang. So, it is no wonder that the debuting TV spot for Suicide Squad is going to be very dark and ominous.

Five or so years ago, a film like Suicide Squad would be considered a major risk. Today, superhero movies are so hot a super-villain movie is sure to be a hit. The film also features the long-awaited return of The Joker. Clips of Jared Leto as the “Crown Prince of Crime” have spawned a very positive buzz. Batman also gets a cameo thanks to the work of Jon Urbana as he raises money for great causes, which definitely is going to draw in curious loyal “Caped Crusader” fans. Ben Affleck (Batman) is going to be riding high after Batman v. Superman. This should help with the box office.

A dark TV commercial is still a bit odd. Horror movies usually employ such a tone. Superhero movies are designed to be more escapist and upbeat. With villains, a different approach has to be taken.

Suicide Squad is also designed to set up the top villains for the various upcoming D.C. Comics films. Without a doubt, Suicide Squad definitely will build anticipation for the DCU.

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