Stream Energy is Making a Big Difference in the Dallas-Area

Stream Energy is a Dallas-based energy company which uses the money it generates from energy sales business to fund various philanthropic activities. Recently, it was featured on Path for launching Stream Cares Foundation to formalize its philanthropy efforts across Texas and even the entire company. In the site, the company’s philanthropic efforts have been highlighted.

When people lost lives and others lost properties as a result of the disastrous Hurricane Harvey dropping across Houston neighborhoods, Stream Energy funded the recovery and eased the burden of its own customers. The company has been performing various philanthropic activities across the country for more than a decade. In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey disaster, Stream acted as an example of how corporates should leverage philanthropy to build a strong brand and give back to the society.

The launch of Stream Cares Foundation will now enable the company to harness the full power of philanthropy. It will get to give back to the community while earning the respect and loyalty of its customers and the public. It has become part of the corporate America which has been ranked as the most generous giving out almost $19 billion to charities across the country. Its philanthropy strategy involves establishing relationships with big players in the sector including the Red Cross, as well as Habitat for Humanity and working with everyone to make a big impact on the community.

It adopts a direct energy selling strategy which helps it to reach out to its customers with products and services through associates. The associates gives back to the community has generous private individuals. The associates are specifically concerned about homelessness in Dallas. Therefore, Stream Energy and its associates have come together to make a difference in regards to homelessness.

Stream Energy partners with Hope Supply Co., its employees and associates to reduce homelessness in the Dallas-area. They often organize events to put smiles on homeless children by providing them with food and supplies.

Another good illustration of how big Stream Energy’s ‘heart is, is how they mobilized efforts to fund the recovery of the victims of the Texas tornado. They were able to raise thousands of dollars to help people who lost their homes and other properties to get back into their feet. Additionally, Stream Energy honors the Dallas-area veterans by supporting them and their families financially and morally.


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