Steve Ritchie’s Apology letter : An In-dept look

Recently, the newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s Pizza sat down to pen a letter of apology to the public in regards to unfortunate words spoken by a former employee of the company. In the letter, Steve expresses a sense of disappointment for his company and adds that words in this instance will not be enough to earn back the respect of the public. He then lays out a concrete set of actions that will result in having the company fully audited, management team visiting locations across the country and a promise for transparency in the future.

The letter was widely praised for its inclusion of empathy for those offended by the words of a former employee and for laying out actions that can be taken today in order to ensure that this type of issues never happens again. However, many are still skeptical about the new path of Papa Johns as it is appropriate to mention that there was a previous letter before this one that was quickly pulled after many mentioned that it lacked compassion and a point-blank apology with the CEO only kinda apologizing for the situation. Steve Ritchie to be fair quickly caught this mistake and quickly revised the original letter. The current letter was clearly better crafted with the proper ingredients required by an apology letter. It also helped to distance the company from the invidiaul who said those offensive words by stating that they did not reflect the companies believe and would not tolerate that type of behavior from any of its employees.

Although many were disappointed by the first letter, the quick changes made in the second should give a sense of hope that the newly appointed leadership of CEO Steve Ritchie will be proactive in making sure that there is a sincere effort to hold the company accountable for their actions.


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