Steve Ritchie is the New Leader at Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie has been charged with bringing pizza hut giant Papa John’s back to being the industry leader. Nobody knows the company better, as Ritchie has worked his way up the ladder at the company. After years of dominance, the company has reported previous quarters of negative earnings. Ritchie is looking to oversee the financial turn around, but he is also focused on changing the culture at the company. In an open letter, he acknowledged that work had to be done. Ritchie has spent the last year going around the country talking to experts in the field of diversity. He has also listened to customers and franchise owners.

He has collected all of this information, and he is determined to increase the diversity throughout the company. A large part of that will be increasing the amount of minority run franchises. He will make sure that women are also represented within the company. He will then look to those minority owners to see what needs to be done in local communities. The charity work that the company will do will increase, and Ritchie will be looking at the franchises to lead the way. Charity work is an important part of the operation for Ritchie.

Ritchie also has plans for the financial future of the company. Although Papa John’s has lost some market share over the past few quarters, Ritchie is implementing a large advertising campaign aimed at old and new customers. Ritchie hopes to avoid any more store closures although some are still expected. The global outlook is much better, and there will be continued growth. The new ad campaign will be aimed at millennials, and Ritchie sees the possibilities of explosive new growth.

With Ritchie at the helm, there is a bright future for Papa John’s. He is willing to listen to a variety of people to return Papa John’s to the industry leader.


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