Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Is Excited About The 96-Acre Expansion Project

Squaw Valley is considered one of the natural gems of California. The pristine mountain formations and the European atmosphere of the quaint village setting make Squaw Valley a major ski destination every year, and a summer refuge from the big city heat.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is known as one of the iconic ski resorts of the 1960s. The resort hosted the Olympic games in the 1960s, and Squaw Valley became famous all over the world. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort was mentioned when avid European skiers wanted a change of scenery or a taste of California wine.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has gotten bigger and better since the 1960s. According to CrowdRise, Andy Wirth, the legendary ski executive, from the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, was hired to direct a major renovation project a few years ago and the owners of Squaw Valley also appointed him CEO of the new improved ski resort. Wirth was the right man for the job. He has been in the ski business for more than 20 years.

Wirth was born in Germany, but was educated in the United States. He is an avid outdoorsman and a competent executive. Wirth was recently named Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Wirth has been a board member for several years.

Wirth’s main project when he is not performing his duties at the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, and trying to get airlines to start service from big cities to the Reno-Tahoe airport, is the 96-acre Squaw Valley expansion project. The project will add more than 1,500 hotel and motel type rooms, timeshares, retail space and expensive condos to the Squaw Valley landscape over the next 25 years. Andy Wirth estimates the cost could be as much as $1 billion when the project is completed.

The aggressive plan includes a 90,000-square-foot activity center and three 96-foot-tall buildings. The 90,000-square-foot activity center will have an indoor water park, a skydiving center, and a zip line as well as other outdoor type activities. Some residents are concerned about the increase in traffic, but Wirth said the expansion plans includes a solution for the traffic congestion.

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