Shervin Pishevar Makes Wide Variety of Tweets

Over the past 5 years, social media has continued to become one of the most common ways for people to communicate and get their points and message across. While many people use this, some people are more well known for their social media use than others. One individual that has continued to grow a strong following online is Shervin Pishevar.

Shervin pishevar continues to be one of the more frequently followed people on Twitter and other social media sites due to his historical success as an investor. While many people did not see the dramatic growth opportunity in it, Shervin Pishevar was very vocal in the predicted success of Uber and was also an early investor. Shervin Pishevar now regularly tweets a variety of financial and economic predictions, which many people take very seriously.

While he has frequently had period of time in which he has released the many different Tweets, he had one of his most active days earlier this year when he released dozens of Tweets in a 21-hour period. During this time period, he made a wide variety of predictions, many of which are beginning to become true.

One of the most highlighted and shared predictions that he made was in terms of Bitcoin. During 2017, the price of the digital currency soared. This was then fueled by more anticipate and growth as novice investors got into it. Eventually, it topped out at around 20,000. During his online rant, Shervin Pishevar stated that he believed the price would crash and eventually stabilize. At this point, that prediction seems to have come true.

Another prediction that he made was on the global economy and markets. During this tweet storm, Pishevar stated that the Dow Jones would drop around 6,000 points. While this has not happened yet, there is clearly a lot of volatility in the markets. The ongoing trade wars and increasing tension involving the United States has many people concerned. He also stated that the United States will soon struggle as other countries, such as China and India, will become the more innovative countries in the world.


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