Shervin Pishevar and the Importance of Data in the Economy

When the Internet came about, the value of data changed. Some was instantly more accessible while certain specialized data became critical. Shervin Pishevar examined the modern economy and saw a centralized world. He attributed the situation to technology. The once innovation driven sector was now dominated by a few powerful companies. Silicon Valley had fulfilled its potential. The incubator gave rise to corporations that could determine the fate of whole regions. This was the case in Seattle with Amazon. Now Amazon is adding headquarters on the east coast. Many people who feel like Shervin Pishevar fear that the behemoth will exert its influence over these new communities the way it has in Seattle.

This situation illustrates that one company’s impact can affect many. Amazon has global influence. But, what many fail to realize is the underlying operations that allow the company to function. For instance, Amazon is among the most dominant Cloud services in the world. This business of data and the logistics behind Amazon’s online retail sets the example for a brave new world of data. Much of what comes out of Amazon’s operations impacts the global economy in ways that Shervin Pishevar had called attention to about a year ago. For Amazon and other large corporations to operate in their current form, they must centralize data. This goes for both tech and non-tech companies of scale. The simplest way to look at large operations is that they deal with extensive accounting and always can use more efficient logistical applications. Consider how difficult it would be to repeated unload a box from the back of a truck or warehouse. Over time, such inefficiencies eat away at operating income.

Clearly logistics is involved throughout the supply chain. This is why blockchain technology is being increasingly adopted by large companies. Blockchain has the ability to manipulate data on a scale never before seen. Shervin Pishevar recognized that small enterprises can equally benefit from blockchain technology. That is, if the blockchain is decentralized. A blockchain controlled by a single entity limits the impact of enterprises with smaller bottom lines.


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