Sheldon Lavin: Financial Services Expert, Successful CEO And Global Visionary

At a celebration held by the Vision World Academy in India, Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary award for his work in transforming a Chicago-area family meat market into the global food processing giant called the OSI Group. Lavin has spent almost 50 years with the company. First as a financial consultant, then an investor and finally as owner and CEO. It was a process that saw the former bank administrator and accounting and finance specialist get introduced to the food processing industry, create an ambitious expansion plan and build his company into a world leader.

As a husband, father and grandfather, family is important to Sheldon Lavin. And treating the OSI Group staff of over 20,000 like his extended family is part of the reason Lavin has succeeded. He instituted production practices that ensured workers are safe and they protect the environment as much as possible. He created generous benefits packages that provide many perks for the workers and their loved ones and make sure they are adequately covered. Lavin maintains an open door policy and every worker is invited to share with him their ideas on making the company better. These things help inspire people to do their best.

With Sheldon Lavin at the helm, the OSI Group has undertaken a global expansion strategy few if any companies can match. From the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, Lavin oversees OSI Group processing plants in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, Riverside, California, West Jordan, Utah, Oakland, Iowa and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in the United States. Worldwide, Lavin’s company has processing facilities in Australia, Brazil, Hungary, India, Poland and in more than a dozen other countries. Over the past 20 years Sheldon Lavin has overseen the construction of 10 processing facilities in China alone.

Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have a international network of people, offices and plants. The company is global in size and scale, but employs local management teams very sensitive to the local cultures and tastes of the customers they serve. This gives them the understanding of the most efficient way to provide effective local solutions. As a result the OSI Group has won an impressive array of awards, their product line has grown to include bacon, dough products, fish, hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, pork, poultry and vegetables. His combination of shrewd business deals and caring corporate practices make Sheldon Lavin a winner.

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