Sheldon Lavin, a global visionary leader

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer at the OSI Group, an American based private holding company dealing in meat processing while at the same time servicing the retail and food services industry. He has a dual undergraduate degree and a holder of Bachelor of Science in Business obtained from Roosevelt University in Chicago. A major in Accounting and Finance received from northwestern university. He is not only the president of the OSI company but also has a high coveted profile and interest in the meat processing industry. Read more on Wikipedia.

Sheldon Lavin had had extensive industry knowledge, which dates back from 1970 when he was funding the Otto & Sons, which led to the establishment of the OSI Group. He was called by McDonald to become of the full time employee in Osi Group

Under his leadership and vision, the company registered an expansion and growth to the international level from a local meat processing company. It is plausible to note that OSI Group is now having offices and is operational across 60 countries beyond Chicago.

As part of recognizing an immense Sheldon Lavin’s achievements for placing the company on the global scene, he received from World Academy as one of the most international visionary leaders in 2006.

Besides, under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has a host of awards on environmental and sustainability compliance. He is dedicating to inspiring future leaders in working towards the growth of the companies that they are working for in creating opportunities for the companies while at the same time putting them on the global scene.

Sheldon Lavin has a long history of supporting the charitable organization as well as community-driven causes, for instance, Ronald McDonald, which he actively funds. He is also taking part in encouraging the next leaders to attain their goals in life. He is happy about helping three children together with his wife. Learn More:


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