Sharon Prince Sets Standard of Excellence at Grace Farm Foundation

The vision of Grace Farms Foundation has come into reality under the belt of Sharon Prince. The Foundation experiences realm of success from one season to another. Her commitment, dedication, and passion towards her work are what aspiring business leaders need to look at to succeed.


Since stepping up as the chairperson, president, and the chief executive officer of Grace Farm Foundation, Sharon Prince has attracted a team of gifted leaders from numerous field of arts, community, nature, justice, and faith. Their combined efforts have helped to keep right the objective of the foundation and bringing together people from different cultural background.

The opening of 80 acres public space marked a new beginning of reminding the world the beauty of nature and the importance of conserving our environment. Besides, the farm provides a space for collaboration by engaging communities in numerous fun activities, promotes peace, and encourage creativity.

Sharon Prince uses her voice and position at Grace Farm Foundation to address modern human trafficking, slavery, sex trafficking, and gender bias. The foundation helps in raising awareness of the touching issue in society.

Leaders from various disciplinarily have joined hand to speak peace. Over her one decade of leadership, she has built a reputation for herself in achieving limitless possibilities. She participated in the United Nations forum addressing the needs to fight human tracking. Through her writing, she shares an insightful piece of advice. At present, Sharon Prince has partnered with J. Walter, Shazam, WPP agencies Geometry Global and Thompson on Freedom Needs Fighters campaign awareness.

Professional Background

Sharon Prince studied undergraduate degree in BA/BS from the University of Tulsa. Later she enrolled for her Master in Business Administration from the same university. Prior to joining Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon served as the president of 66North. She serves as a board member for various charitable organizations. In 2017, Sharon Prince was awarded Lives of Commitment Award.

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