Sharon Prince Sees Grace Farms as a Foundation of Change

Grace Farms is a more than 80 acres piece of land that exhibits natural beauty and has a beautiful community center that inspires people to think, improve communication, foster education, and seek justice. This land is open to the public for seven days every week and does not discriminate on anyone based on their color, religion, or any other factor that characterize human beings of different origins.

Grace Farms was established by Sharon Prince, the president of Grace Farms Foundation. It is only three years ago when they opened Grace Farms to the public.

Inside Grace Farms is a structure that was built by 25 world-class architects. This building is constructed in such a way that it blends with the horizon to give it an exceptional view.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes that Grace Farms are an example of hopeful space. When looking back at some of the milestones she has accomplished, she is reminded of how powerful such a space can be in making communications better and advancing good things in the world.

Grace Farms has a porous design that inspires people to communicate more effectively. Sharon Prince hopes that visitors in this facility will pause their daily routines and focus on engaging in conversations that will bring new ideas and perspectives into their lives.

She believes that although space creates inspiration and better communication, there is still a need to have people who will envision and pursue ideas with commitment and vigor.

At Grace Farms, one who will encounter a team of the visionaries from different fields who’ll provide ideas from the perspectives of nature community, faith, arts, and justice.

At Grace Farms, there is the use of an interdisciplinary approach to matters, to accelerate action and progress made.

Sharon Prince is creating the ground for fighting injustices in the world. Grace Farms is committed to matters of justice, especially in fighting vices such as slave labor and human trafficking.

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