Sergey Petrossov’s Story of Success

There are so many advancements that have been introduced in the transport system. People do not have a problem when accessing transport because they have applications such as Uber where they can call and get help, regardless of where they are. Privacy is one of the key features people need when using modern apps. Not long ago, Sergey Petrossov had the chance to use a private jet. During his journey, the businessman noted that the experience was luxurious, but it was complicated at the same time. The businessman noted that the booking process was complicated and also chaotic to the ordinary customer who wanted nothing but the best when using any transport means. The young executive is known for coming with tech apps that have done well in the past. This team, his experience in the jet motivated him to introduce a company that would be known as JetSmarter. The new platform would operate just like the Uber, giving customers the chance to book their global trips at the comfort of their houses.

Petrossov has been a common figure in the world of advancements. When he founded JetSmarter, no one doubted that the new application was going to be successful. Several years after its inception, the mobile app has been able to register over fourteen thousand members. These individuals have been able to schedule their flights and also select the seats they want to use in the private jets. The success of the platform shows that Sergey Petrossov deserves the numerous awards he has been getting in recent years. Before he could establish the JetSmarter, the executive had already made headlines in the global market for introducing several companies that have been online based. His love for technology has helped him in his career. The educational background he has also helped him.1


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