Sergey Petrossov is a Story of Risk and Reward

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the founder of a private jet travel company called JetSmarter. His company has taken the world of private jet travel and turned it on its head. In the old days, people used to have to call up a charter company to book a seat on a private plane. Thanks to JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov has changed the way this is done, making the world of private jet travel more accessible to everyone. Now, those looking to fly on a private plane can book their travel through his phone app. It took a major risk for Petrossov to venture into the world of private jet travel. His risk has paid off. Furthermore, Petrossov says that everyone should take risks while they’re young.

Petrossov knows that many young adults stick around in the corporate world paying their dues there. Instead of doing this, Petrossov has moved from one uncertain risk to the next. He has been a part of a live-chatting startup and has even run an import-export business during his high school years. He states that those who would like to build their own company from the ground up are better off doing so while they’re young instead of while they’re old. He says that when people are young, they should take risks. These are the years to do so. When looking back on his life, he wants to feel like he tried as much as he could.

Sergey PetrossovFinally, Sergey Petrossov wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t give up. He knows that there have been some hard times during his JetSmarter days. No matter how many times he felt like he had gotten knocked down, he has always gotten up. This has helped him succeed in the world of private jet travel. He wants other Millenials and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and be passionate about what they do, just as he is with JetSmarter.


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