Sergey Petrossov Contributions to Affordable Air Travel through JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Did you know that it is possible to book affordable jet flights without going through an agency? Thanks to Sergey Petrossov and his brilliant innovation, thousands of people today have the liberty to join flying communities, which have simplified air travel. The following are some of the reasons why Petrossov has successfully redefined this transportation market.

First, he understands his target market, and this information has enabled him to create a product that is easy to use without losing its efficiency. Sergey Petrossov advises young investors to do market studies and establish their target market. In JetSmarter, for example, he realized that although there are hundreds of jets in the USA, there are many processes in booking one. As one of the people that use jets on a regular basis, he experienced this challenge. Therefore, he created a product to deal with a real problem. In the last three years, he has successfully created a community, and it is possible to plan and book jet flights through a mobile app.

Second, Petrossov appreciates the importance of having a structured company, primarily when operating in a relatively new market. He points out that a structured company is ideal in the following ways. A structured company is ideal when creating policies, especially policies that have a huge impact on a company’s profitability. Petrossov also understands the importance of a structured company, especially in handling clients’ complaints. Just like other service companies, client’s views are critical in creating a bond in a market. As the founder and the chairperson of this company, he has been instrumental in building the necessary structures.

Thirdly, Sergey Petrossov understands that he is one of the pioneers in this niche, and each decision he makes, it has a huge impact on market growth. Therefore, he has redefined his approach to decision making. Petrossov handles each decision differently and more importantly, with an understanding that it has a huge impact on the future of this market. In order to create better products, Petrossov believes in doing substantial research on each subject, and this approach has worked for this unique market and his company.


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