Securus Technologies Helpful at Locating Prison Contraband

One of the ways that me and my fellow corrections officers keep our prison safe is by working tirelessly to remove any contraband from the possession of the inmates. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, and they can quickly spot a weakness in the prison that they exploit to their advantage. Once they do this, they try to get as much as they can as fast as they can, before we take the appropriate action to combat the situation.


Drugs in the hands of even the most calm inmate creates a volatile situation. If an inmate takes the wrong drugs or too much of a powerful drug, they become violent to the point we need several officers to just contain the situation. To try and reduce these instances, we have been working hard at the visitor center to ensure nothing can slip from those on the outside to our inmates. We have drug-sniffing dog present to help with the effort, and it does have some effect on the flow of the drugs.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping us to keep drugs out of this facility. When they installed the newly updated telephone monitoring system, we got to listen to our inmates in a whole new light. No longer did we sit and try to decipher calls, the LBS software does the work of several officers and never misses a thing.


The first time we used the new inmate monitoring system, we struck gold. It detected chatter between an inmate and his brother, telling how easy it is to slip him prescription drugs. Other times we discovered how inmates were getting heroin in the mail without detection. Each time we get an alert, we make certain to stamp out the trouble immediately to send a message this is no longer tolerated.



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