Securus Technologies as the organization that deals with crime in correctional facilities

In some years now, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. Be it with millennials or the earlier generations; both have taken an interest in technology. Having mentioned that, in our societies, we have diverse people, that is, the legal people and those who break the law. For the lawbreakers, there are specific areas that are designated for them where they are confined with the intention of correcting them. No matter the intensity of the crime the offenders carry out, they are still humans, and the least that they could get is to be in touch with the outside world. Securus Technologies makes it possible for inmates to feel at home far from home.


Securus Technologies is an organization, which is based in Dallas, Texas. The group works with various correctional facilities in the United States. In fact, they are the most prominent convict communication provider where they offer different services like the provision of contraband cell phones. With the availability of such telephones, inmates can communicate with their families and friends, but whatever information they say is followed up by the organization to prevent crime from recurring. Also, they avail technology that changes the incarceration of the environment and frequently assist facilities to improve the safety of the public.


Securus utilize the services of LBS software and investigator PRO. These two make them qualified jail phone providers. With the use of this technology, crimes like selling of drugs and alcohol to inmates have been tremendously reduced. Also, the numerous cases of corruption that existed where some guards got gifts from prisoners as a thank you for giving them favors have been curbed. I think the fact that they take control of about 2,200 prison communication in the US and Canada shows evidently their quality work. Therefore; Securus is the way to go to curb crime in prisons.



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