Securus Proves to Be a Success

Securus, the technology company that is dedicated in providing some of the most advanced communications technologies to prison has announced that it has shipped beyond 84,000 intelligent inmate devices. This goes beyond the 80,000 regular telephones that they have installed over 28 years. Thanks to the cutting edge state of the art technology, inmates can not only see and communicate with their friends and family, they can also use the technology for educational purposes. For one thing, Securus makes it possible for inmates to receive the rehabilitation that they need so that they can learn to adjust when they get back into the real world.

Securus offers many products and services that will not only increase the technological innovations of prisons and similar institutions, but it will also increase the safety of prisons while inmates take the time to learn some skills that they may need in order to land work outside of prison. With the products and services they offer, inmates can get more out of their time in prison. 

Among the products and services that Securus offers is video visitation. This makes it easier for both the inmate and anyone in his circle. There is no longer a need to drive over to the prison or jail where the inmate is being held. Video visitation which is available for smartphones and tablets will make it easier for people to take the time to talk with their inmates while they are serving their time. Securus app offers the choice of visiting the schedule a video conversation from the device. 


Note: Securus the product and Securus America, the site are not affiliated with Securus Technologies in any way.

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    Anything that has been going well with some of the Securus Technology that will be good for most affiliation. Good work of reliable to clients will really be good to carry a good video conversation. The social implication of this work is really good for the best inmates that has worked well for their families.

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