Sam Jejurikar Values Safety the Most

Gluteal augmentation has become one of the most areas with incredibly growing high demand. The Brazilian Butt gluteal augmentation is attained through grafting. This procedure helps in moving fat from one section of the body to the other. The procedure can also cause fat embolism which occurs when fat tissue traces gets into blood vessels. Despite that there are rare cases of embolism, it can be a dangerous issue. Sam Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas. He and his partners put safety as the major priority. The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force usually holds various meetings and workshops across the world to discuss various issues. Their discussions include educating patients and medical professionals about the benefits and risks related to Brazilian Butt Gluteal Augmentation.

Sam Jejurikar has shared in both domestic and international conferences to enlighten people about gluteal augmentation fat drafting surgery procedures. Among the most critical issues with Brazilian Butt, Lifts is safety. Dr. Jejurikar is always careful and works towards preventing any complication with his practices in gluteal augmentation. He noted that the level of experience in the gluteal augmentation determines the safety of the procedure. In their meetings, they have held productive dialogue and are set to offer some specific guidelines to surgeons all over the world. Dr. Jejurikar stated that they hope that they have great hope in that this will help to reduce the number of death linked to the Brazilian Butt Lifting rate in future.

Sam Jejurikar also shares about patients’ safety on his blog. He talks about the importance of experienced plastic surgeons. He recommends patients to go for the most experienced surgeons since they have a greater understanding of how to safely carry out operation procedures. He also noted that he had learned to create a balance between his desire in testing the greatest and the most recent techniques with the methods that he is quite aware of their safety and effectiveness. This is what enables him to get the best results for his patients.


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