Rodrigo Terpin: the Brazilian Trail-Blazer in Rally Championship

Before most rally drivers join this dreaded sport, they are always aware of the risk and dangers that lurk through their careers. Then again, their case is always different as most of them can confirm that it takes an inborn courage to make a move and to go a few test races, in case you are just starting. Over time and much dedication to the sport, you become something close to a perfect rally driver. Such are the testaments of one Rodrigo Terpin, who over time has become a rally driving idol in Brazil and across the American continent. Since turning professional in the late 90’s, he has never looked back as he has exhibited growth from an amateur to a ‘bully’ behind the wheel.

Influencing his Brother into the Sport

Due to his passion for speed, Rodrigo Terpin influenced his younger brother Michel Terpin who was struggling to create his name in the motorcycle cross country championship. During the 2002 Sertoes Annual Rally, he handed his brother his first debut in the T1 category as his co-driver. Together, they had formed the Bull Sertoes Team, and in the event, they had competed favorably well, and nobody could notice that it was a mix of experience and amateurship. In the end, they attained their 8th position, which was indeed motivating for Rodrigo to persist in nurturing Michel. The following year was quite busy for Rodrigo as he had to meet various corporate companies who had shown interest in sponsoring their team. He also got to compete in other tournaments in and out of Brazil such as the Mitsubishi Car Race Championship, which he scoped the overall best position.

Notable Achievements

For the next 15 years, Rodrigo Terpins has been a dominant factor in the rally scene in his country. Why? He has competed in almost all the edition of the Rally dos Sertoes since its inception. That notwithstanding, Rodrigo has also won many titles as a participant in these events. For instance, in the Sertoes, he scooped four first position titles, coupled with several top 5 finishes. He has also been awarded a green badge award for his environmental consciousness which was courtesy of the T-Rex that he has used for the last ten years. You can search him on Google to see more.


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