Roberto Santiago Achievements in Business

Roberto Santiago can be described as one of the most influential individuals who is living in Brazil. This businessman is the founder and sole owner of the largest malls in the country. The businessman currently enjoys a lot of popularity in the world because of the steps he has made in the development of malls in the country. Roberto Santiago is currently living in Brazil, and his malls attract customers from all parts of the country. Santiago started from humble backgrounds, and he worked hard to acquire his position in the corporate world. His story of success has been told to many young people who want to perform well in business. The businessman never knew that he was going to turn into one of the leading investors in the country.

Roberto Santiago was born and also raised in one of the towns in Brazil, known as Joao Pessoa. His parents were living in this region of the country, and they took him to schools that were performing well in the city. The businessman never disappointed his parents when he was in school. Apart from being a bright student in almost all the subjects, the businessman was a disciple, and he took part in numerous activities in school. After completing his high school studies, the businessman decided that he was going to college so that he could venture into a great career. Roberto Santiago enrolled for a college course that was completed in less than three years.

When Roberto Santiago finished his college studies, he discovered that he wanted to go for a career in business. This challenged him to enroll for a degree in business administration. Santiago completed he degree and started his successful journey in business. His first investment was a carton production company that did not disappoint him. Santiago made a lot of wealth from the small institution. The businessman got enough capital to venture into real estate. Despite the numerous challenges people have to face because of their investments in the rough market, Roberto Santiago did well. The businessman purchased a piece of land and started the construction of a mall. When starting the construction, the businessman knew what he wanted in mind: a large mall that had never been established in the country before.

The Manaira Mall was opened in the year 1989, and it marked a new start for the shoppers in Brazil. The mall has numerous facilities where people can engage in. There are food centers, movie theaters, a social hall, a gym, equipped colleges and banks. Individuals can visit the mall for all their shopping needs without having to worry. The Manaira Mall has changed the lives of so many people too. There are thousands of people who have been given working opportunities in the facility.



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