Robert Ivy- The Rightful Recipient Of The Noel Polk Achievement Award

It is always a good intent to do good things not only for your family, loved ones or friends but also for the general community. Good deeds will never go unrewarded. You may be rewarded by your community, employer or even by international communities. One of the famous and widely acknowledged awards in the world is the Nobel Peace Prize. However, there are many other awards that are awarded to individuals who impact the world in unimaginable ways. Among these awards is the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that whose recent recipient is Robert Ivy.

The Noel Polk Award is an honor usually given to individuals who are linked with the state of Mississippi and ones who have been magnificent and unrelenting in their work. These are individuals who have stood out in art or have shown an overwhelming support for art. Some of the reputed individuals who have received the award before include, writer Eudora Welty and famous actor Morgan Freeman among others. Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive the award, a fate that many people perceive as rewarding and the best choice the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) had to opt for.

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Robert Ivy served as the Executive Vice president and CEO of AIA and his contributions and commitment to the architectural world is incomparable to none. When he worked at AIA, Mr. Ivy was able to redefine and change the perception of architecture. At the organization, he was able to focus on and emphasize the professional and artistic facets of the American architecture. Many people have described Robert Ivy as the rightful emissary of global architecture not because he was awarded the Noel Polk Award, but for his deeds in transforming the architectural sector.

Despite being a trained, experienced and recognized architect himself, Robert has written many architectural related publications. His masterpieces have been praised by many readers and professionals in the field. Receiving the Noel Polk Award is indeed a dream come true for Mr. Ivy and a recognition that has not fallen into the wrong hands. Robert Ivy has congealed his name not only in the archives of American architect but also in the global platform. What a man and an inspiration.

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