Riot Games Joins Other Gaming Companies in Compliance with the Demand of the Chinese Government

Bowing to the Chinese government’s demand and media criticism, the parent company of Riot GamesCulture, Tencent, made an unusual request of it, one which compromises their American values. Tencent requested that Riot Games upgrade the Chinese version of League of Legends which an anti-addiction system specifically to comply with the Chinese government’s demand in its attempt to limit the amount of time minors play games to two hours. The anti-addiction system which Riot Games installed displays an “anti-addiction warning” messages on the screen of the game once the total daily two-hour play limit nears. It is said that failure to comply with the message and get off the game will result in a severe in-game penalty or being excluded from the game. Moreover, if minors attempt to play between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., he or she will receive an on-screen remainder that playing is not allowed at this time.

Tencent is not the only company in China to bow to the Chinese government’s demand nor is Riot Games the only company in the United States to do so. The Chinese gaming market, which is a $36.5 billion industry, is too lucrative for any gaming company to risk being locked out of, and they have, since 2018, been complying with Chinese government’s demand to install a tracking system as well as an ID verification method within their games. This compliance on the part of American companies to Chinese government’s demand to essentially participate in the intrusion on the privacy of the latter’s citizens is completely contrary to American norms.

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