Rick Smith CEO of Securus; Taking Prison Technology to a New Level

Correctional and law enforcement agencies require excellent solutions in technology that enhances public safety. Securus technologies are one company that has specialized in the provision of high technology in communication and helping correctional facilities access critical information. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies, and he is the man who has led to the great expansion of the company. Rick has vast experience in technology and has dedicated much of his energy and time to developing excellent criminal and civil justice technology solutions. Rick has been instrumental in the company’s progress. He knows that their customers; correctional and law enforcement agencies, as well as the whole society, need excellent products that meet their needs. Rick Smith has an excellent education and work background. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained an associate of applied science in electrical engineering. He later joined State University, New York where he attained an electrical engineering degree as well as masters in mathematics.

Rick has gained significant experience after his education as he worked with big companies which specialized in communication technologies. He started working at Eschelon Telecom, and he served as the chief financial officer. His impact at Eschelon was evident, and he made the company expand its customer base as well as increasing its revenue. He also worked at Frontier Corporation as a vice president in financial management. His experience in communication technologies didn’t stop there, as he joined Midwest Telephone Operations where he served as a vice president.When he Joined Securus Technologies, Rick was confident that he would make the company one of the best in prison technologies. He has invested considerable funds in developing high-quality products that meet their customers’ needs.

He has helped the company to acquire JPay company which is the number one provider of inmate payments, tablet products as well as emails. JPay has been serving over 1.61 million inmates. This acquisition will help Securus in improving their services in reducing crimes as well as reducing recidivism. Rick Smith said that this acquisition would help Securus in offering products that are high tech-based that are needed by correctional facilities to operate effectively. As a result of excellent services to customers, many clients have been writing emails and letters to thank Securus for their reliable and affordable services. Securus Technologies has enabled inmates to communicate with their friends and families. On top of that, it has allowed inmates to access technology so that they can know what is happening in the outside world. Many clients through emails they have appreciated the company’s services and products. In responding to the appreciation letters and emails, Smith said that they would continue to offer credible services and products that make society safer.


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