Richard Liu Inspires Us To Follow Our Passions

Richard Liu was born in New Hampshire to parents that were very established in the medical field. His father, an ear, nose and throat specialist, and his mother, a local dentist, heavily influences Liu’s primary career decision to pursue dentistry for his own career. After focusing diligently on his studies, he was attended the Harvard School of Dentistry and began a highly successful career in the distinguished medical practice. Upon graduation, Richard Liu became a prominent professional in his own right while teaching future dentists the intricacies of his craft in his spare time.

Despite his flourishing career as a dentist, Richard Liu found himself drawn to the world of capital investing. He began to explore this passion through small, independent investments on a local scale. As he became more involved and knowledgeable of the subject, Liu also became more convinced that he had the intelligence and capability of turning this sideline passion into a prosperous career.

Feeling a few small successes in the world of business investing, Richard Liu enrolled in MIT and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he worked for a couple capital investment firms where he gained a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge about the world of investing. Once his confidence was built, Liu took stock in his own abilities and launched his own investment company Morningside Venture Capital. His new venture would focus on start-ups in the field of technology, artificial intelligence, and media. His clients comprised visions of the business world of the future and the various economies throughout the globe.

Liu’s gamble on his new career path paid off. Morningside Venture Capital holds investments that total over a billion dollars with continued success to be had. Richard Liu remains heavily involved in the daily functions of the company and leads the numerous acquisitions within the firm. With success in two entirely different fields, Richard Liu has proven that dedication, hard work and belief in oneself can carry one to success in aspect of his or her life.

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