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Matt Badiali is currently the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is currently based out of Fernandina Beach, Florida. He received a BS degree from Penn State University in Geosciences. He then went on to get a Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University. While working on his Doctorate he was introduced the world of finance. Matt Badiali had a natural ability to relate finance to the average person, making the subject more approachable and understandable. He launched a newsletter in 2017 called the Real Wealth Strategist created for the average investor. He is especially known for his investment advice for the natural resource market specifically because of his education background.

Matt Badiali recently created a new investment program that may help investors grow their wealth. The program in known as Freedom Checks and the main premise of how it works is the companies the investors are investing in offer high returns. This is possible because the companies that are apart of Badiali’s program are not held to the same strict taxation codes as other investable companies. The investors receive checks regularly instead of waiting for distributions. They are able to enjoy retirement sooner with this opportunity.

Because of changes currently happening with politics with regard to natural resources, Matt Badiali predicted that gas prices would increase to over 100 dollars a barrel in the near future. He thinks now is a good time for investors to enter the market in order to enjoy substantial gains. Competition with other markets with the US dollar such as China is one of the major driving factors for the increase in gas prices. Unrest in the Middle East, specifically Yemen, is also a driving force for increased gas prices. President Trump’s Iran deal is also increasing tensions with some of the major exporters of oil. Matt Badiali suggests that investors that want to avoid shortages due to the Iran Deal move their investments to more reliable oil markets.


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