Reputations Can Make or Break a Career

A person’s reputation is as delicate as a flower in spring’s lingering frost. Just ask Melissa Click, a professor at the University of Missouri. Videos of Click taken at a student protest did not put her in a positive light, and may have painted her as an opposer of the First Amendment. In the video Click is very forceful and tries to get journalists forcefully removed from the scene. Since the video surfaced, Click has been suspended and suffered from all the ill effects of a tarnished reputation.
In an interview with USA Today, Click indicated she regretted her words and realizes that day in the video did not show a very positive side of her. In an attempt to undo the damage done by one instant in her 12-year teaching career, Click has become a client of renowned reputation management firm, Status Labs. Her silence on the subject for months after the incident has given way to speculation especially after another negative video surfaced. Thanks to Status Labs, Click was urged to grant interviews combatting the negative information out there about her.
Status Labs is a Texas based firm with offices in New York and Sao Paulo Brazil. Experts in marketing, the firm helps people keep their reputations in order. As Click said to USA Today, one negative moment in an otherwise positive life’s work should not destroy a person’s reputation. Status Labs is a firm believer in this and knows techniques to help their clients take back their lives.
One way to help clients is to make a positive marketing campaign. In many cases being silent can hurt a client worse than giving a bad interview. Clients are urged to give interviews, keep a blog or make some positive posts on social media. Maintaining a positive online presence is important to reputation. For many this includes ensuring Google search results are positive by creating and promoting positive content that Google algorithms will place toward the top of results. Status Labs believes all clients deserve a second chance to make a better impression.

  1. Paislee Kyree

    As ugly as it maybe, the truth is when your image is tarnished, people sees you in a different light even your friends. Having a way to deal with this can go a long way to restoring your image said reliable essay writing service that is why Status Labs has always got you covered. Based in Texas, Status Labs is a reputational firm with years of experience that uses good content to surpress bad reviews in search engines.

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