Renew Youth

Renew Youth was recently featured in an article titled “Do Anti-Aging Creams Really Work? Renew Youth Answers.” The article was published on the Blogwebpedia website and was written by Stephen Callahan. Renew Youth reveals that there are a variety of reasons why women might struggle with their skin as they age, but one thing they often don’t consider is the effect their changing hormones have on their skin. Often women feel that they look older than they actually are and they become overwhelmed by all of the anti-aging products available to them.

Renew Youth reveals that there are a number of treatments available for aging skin to help prevent the signs of aging. The skin requires three different components to stay healthy including elastin, collagen, and moisture. Skin is naturally hydrated with natural oils and compounds like hyaluronic acid that works to keep the skin nourished and plum. Collagen is a protein located in the skin and other areas of the body to help maintain the cell structure. Collagen creates the network for skin cells to stay healthy, giving the appearance of firm and tight skin. Elastin is a protein that provides skin with its youthful bounce so it can return to its original shape and form after being pulled or pressed.

There are some easy ways to prevent skin aging. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature aging because it causes the proteins in the skin to break down. The exposure to the sun can also create discoloration and dehydration. Poor diet can also cause the skin to look older and dehydrated. Sugars can cause the amino acids in the body to start glycation which triggers an advanced immune response. Eating a diet with too much sugar can cause significant stress to the immune system, eventually damaging proteins like collagen and elastin.


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