Rebel Wilson’s Next Movie Is A Must Watch

Would you agree that it is impossible for a size 18 woman to become a leading lady in Hollywood? You then would probably agree that such an actress could never star in a Rom-Com. If you think these things, then you obviously have never heard about Rebel Wilson.

It means that you definitely have not seen any of her movies. For people in the know, there is little that she cannot do. As a talented singer, actress and comedian, she is simply unstoppable and has been burning hot in Hollywood. She is more than something different, she is the perfect actress for the job.

As the lead in this summer’s anticipated romantic comedy, Rebel Wilson will show you what all the hype is about. Expect a triple dose of the funny and a good amount of romance in this movie. Getting to this point in her life was not easy. Success is rarely an easy thing, but there is nothing like earning your success.

For Rebel, it all started back in high school. In high school, she decided to breakout of the shell of shyness and to let her true personality shine. She also figured out quite early what she wanted to do, and like many talented people, she had many interests.

One interest that Rebel had growing up was the law, and she later studied law. So not just funny, not just a great singer, but also a trained lawyer. One thing that is interesting about many stars is that most have a ton of interests, they were all very involved in several activities as kids, and this helped them build the confidence to become stars. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

That is how Rebel became a triple threat with her singing skills, her acting skills and her comedy. This combination allows her to be a great fit in many different roles.

Success is always a journey and the transformation of Rebel Wilson from quiet girl to a big star is all about the journey. In her latest interview, she talks about this transformation process, and how she got to Hollywood.

One good story about her showing up to an agency, and how they were impressed that they didn’t have anyone on their books like her. The lesson there might be that your type has a marketplace that is looking for you, you just don’t know it because you have not explored and put yourself out there.

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