Re-Thinking the Art of Real Estate Sales

Has the process of selling real estate changed much over the years? After all, a Realtor puts a sign in a yard, gets it on the multiple listing system (MLS), shows the home to the potential buyer, showering them with the perks and potentials the home has to offer – then he sits back and waits for that phone call stating a owner offer will be made. That’s the way its always been done, right! This haphazard method of selling homes in not only inefficient, but needs an overdue face lift. Well, entrepreneur Greg Hague thinks it’s time to inject energy into the homes sales process, and believes he has the right ingredients to do just that. Why not use the same strategies that Apple or Amazon uses in their marketing and sales process for the real estate industry?, contends Mr. Hague.

Greg Hague has started a new venture, Real Estate Mavericks which is a real estate coaching plan that will turn the real estate process on its heels and set if off running full steam ahead. This is done in two ways. The 22-Step Home Launch Formula and the 29-Day Fast Sale Plans are techniques to build enthusiasm and quickly sell homes, even before the sign goes up in the yard. There is a pre-launch stage, where attention is given to crafting and “drip-feeding” the story behind the home, and other methods that generate curiosity. Another interesting tactic is to initially target a private audience with “exclusive showings”. All this builds interest and demand for the home.

The Real Estate Mavericks are real estate visionaries that successfully coach practicing and potential real estate agents on how to use creative, strategic thinking, to their advantage and turn around housing quickly. In just a week they can teach anyone how to properly list a house for sale by crafting a memorable message that home sellers can’t resist. Mr. Hague has no problem showing real estate agents how he became the number one Realtor in his state. Real Estate Mavericks even offer an “Eleven Minute Guru” online session that is chock full of ideas on how to infuse creativity into the real estate sales process. It is a live teleconference that you can participate in from the comfort of your home or office.

Real Estate Mavericks is dedicated to showing real estate agents how to think outside of the box. In 2016, Mr. Hague is hopes to “displace the old guard rules of residential real estate that slow sales and deflate prices”. He is even starting with his plan to incorporate select real estate agents that will receive a total immersion of his strategies and learn his techniques to earn the title of “Top Dollar Agent”. This program will certainly be the proof of the Real Estate Mavericks progressive real estate sales strategies.

  1. Tinley Bruno

    It is something that has stayed the same for the least many years according to some reports, so for some change we have to see innovations. Though cheap essay writers will have to avoid making any contribution in the field just yet. the real estate sales with Mavericks is really a result that will be efficient and most effective for many reasons as well.

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