Philanthropist Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera graduated from high school and joined the Marines in 1975 and served on the logistics side of the Marines during his service. Working in logistics allowed him to gain a great depth of knowledge for heavy equipment and logistics in transportation and scheduling. He spent his time in the Marines serving his country honorably and when he was honorably discharged his interest in logistics continues and he had begun his own successful logistics company by the young age of 25. Today,  Perry Mandera uses his outside of the box innovative skills and his passions to take his business, The Custome Companies Inc., to the next level while he also keeps his feet firmly planted in doing as much charity work as possible.

Perry’s passion for charity work lies closely with children who are considered disadvantaged. He helps in several foundations to host fundraisers for children, collect donations to make the holidays better for disadvantaged children, and puts a helping hand into several other events designed to help as many people as possible (Interview).

The savvy businessman is generous to be sure, but he does do his due diligence into which charities he donates money or time too to make sure the charity reflects his personal values. He does not always donate with monetary donations, and instead often donates time and hard work to help underprivileged adults and children alike.

He does do most of his charity work by donating his vast financial resources, but he also helps by being a mentor and coach to children in need. He often volunteers to coach sports teams and sponsors even more teams. Perry helps by donating finances to his church so that they can provide outreach to the community.

When the owner of the well-known transportation puts much of his energy into philanthropy work, while also encouraging others to give of their time and resources when they can so that the community continues to build each other up. When he isn’t working hard to save the world, Mandera spends time with his family and enjoys an active, healthy, always busy, life.

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