People first according to Jeff Aronin.

It is no secret the medical industry makes up over twenty percent of the United States GDP. As the generations get older people tend to get sick with all kind of aliments. The impact of the baby boomer generations has led to a need for more medical treatment and drugs to help with the aging population. There is a financial aspect to this industry but we are talking about people. One thing that is needed is the focus on the human aspect of help. This is the angle that Jeff Aronin has taken in his approach to the medical industry.


Jeff Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Bioscience. This company is a leader in the biosciences sector bringing over 32 drugs to market. The focus of the company is more about helping people than profiting from sickness. The attention paid to their research and development department is substantial. Paragon Biosciences has invested over $400 million into pharmaceuticals development for patient treatment. Medical magazines like Insight Care recognize the accomplishments of Jeff Aronin and his leadership in developing the company into the giant it is today.


Not only do patients phrase the company for the medication that has help improve their lives but the staff of doctors who develop and push things further enjoy working for the company. It has been reported that many of the doctors have been with the company for over fifth teen years citing Jeff’s passion for quality care. Jeff Aronin has stated that his near future plan is to invest another $445 million over the next year. His ability to recruit and keep talent is based on his vision. Those with like minds that want to help are committed to stay with the company to make a difference. Even with the FDA approval process being difficult the focus has not wavered.


Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences is a people first then profit company. They do include many other companies such as Castle Creek Pharma, Emlax Biosciences, Harmony Biosciences and others. This helps them continue to expand and produce bringing relief to many people.


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