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Paul Mampilly has established himself as an expert in stock market trading. She has been to every corner of this stock markets trading and investment for a very long time. His biggest role in the stock markets is being the hedge fund manager at Wall Street. This is a great achievement for anyone in the Wall Street. He has created a fortune trading the stock markets. Paul Mampilly first came to the limelight when he won the Templeton Foundation investment challenge. This is a challenge that saw the best minds in the financial markets go head to head in a competition that everyone was given $50 million as an investment. Paul Mampilly emerged the winner after taking his returns to $86 million in record time. The icing on the cake was that he managed to achieve this profit at a time the economic environment was bad for traders and investors, and Paul Mampilly’s lacrosse camp.

Paul Mampilly left the Wall Street to start his own private investment firm while at the same time training and teaching potential investors what to look for when trading the stock markets. As an experienced investor, he knows how to analyze the stocks and normally gives his insight through a newsletter he releases regularly known as Profits Unlimited. Having made all the success he wanted at the Wall Street, Paul Mampilly was now ready to help others learn from the knowledge he has accrued. All the stocks that he is currently trading in his private firm are currently doing well. Within months some stocks have grown by over 35%.

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— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 14, 2017

Paul Mampilly has made his platform a choice for people who would like to join. When he trains people, he does not recommend that they trade on his platform. He is keen to see people invest through brokerage firms of their choice. He does not create the perception that he is training people so that he can benefit from them using his brokerage firm.

One of the areas that Paul Mampilly has been concentrating on is imparting knowledge to potential investors on stocks that have a higher likelihood of doing better in the future. In one of his recent articles, he talks of technological trends as one area that people should watch out. This is an area that has great potential. He gives three examples of technological trends that are likely to be huge in the future. They are; electric carts manufacturing, precision medicine, and food delivery systems. These three sectors will be great stock investment opportunities for the investors, and more information click here.


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