Paul Mampilly Forecasts How Businesses Will Do In 2019

Born in India, Paul Mampilly moved to the United States in order to attend college. He decided that he liked it so much that he would permanently live in America. He spent over 20 years working on Wall Street in various positions such as research analyst, portfolio manager, and money manager. He developed a number of highly successful investment strategies during this time.

He made a few predictions for how businesses will do in 2019. He decided to share these with other investors so that they could make informed decisions about what companies they will invest in and adjust their 2019 investment strategy.

First, Big Data will be more readily available than ever. Big Data has been around for a while but only accessible by the biggest companies. Paul Mampilly says that in 2019 even small companies will be able to use Big Data as it becomes cheaper and easier than ever. This will greatly impact how business is done as companies incorporate it into their business practices.

He said that homes will stop appreciating so much in 2019. Housing has been going up by 5 to 7 percent in recent years but it will slow down to around 1.5 percent in 2019. People are going to need to stay put longer in order to build equity and spending will slow down as well.

Startups are having a high degree of success using personalized marketing techniques, Paul Mampilly said. In 2019, bigger companies will also get on board with this strategy. This will include constantly releasing new products and adapting them based on what their customers are asking for.

Voice search will really come into its own in 2019. The Amazon Echo and Google Home will be found in a lot more homes this year. The algorithms will become even better in rate of accuracy. There will be startups that specialize in helping voice search become more accurate and responsive.

Paul Mampilly also said that politics will be good for business. He sees deregulation continuing in 2019 and businesses being given more freedom. This will help their bottom lines and result in higher dividends for investors.

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