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Wesley Edens is not known to bet on a sure thing. The co-founder of Fortress Investment Group was among the first to go back into subprime lending not long after the housing crisis. Fortress Investment now has $3 billion to set a railroad across Florida while other investment groups are looking towards autonomous cars. Now Wes Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that hasn’t won an NBA championship in about 50 years. Now he’s bought a portion of another struggling team, soccer club Aston Villa.

Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment in the late 90s, and by the time the group was ready to go public in 2007 his stake was at $2.3 billion. He’d sell it off a decade later for $3.3 billion. That came about after major losses in 2007, which wasn’t uncommon for investment group. Recovery for that year meant Edens had to show up to work, everyday with the exception of four Sundays. At this time, shares dropped to less than $1. Read More on Wikiquote

What inspires choices like these for an investor who faced the potential end of his investment group? A book by Henry Flagler, founder of Standard Oil. Wes Edens said the story about trains and hotels across Florida in the 1800s inspired his railroad venture, Brightline. Now it takes passengers from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach, from Miami to Orlando. The idea was to bridge the gap between airports, to provide options to travelers when driving seems too taxing, and wants to expand to other cities.

Brightline has its critics, like other investments Wes Edens has made, but it doesn’t deter his instincts. In addition to buying into the Milwaukee Bucks, he’s paying for a new arena for the team. With some city and county assistance, the construction project ran about $524 million to complete. Everything from cost to the design of the arena have been scrutinized, but Edens remains convinced that it’s not just an attractive building but will play a big role in bringing new life to Milwaukee’s downtown.

While Wes Edens remains confident in his choices, he admits that happiness eludes him with his sports team and won’t be satisfied until he’s holding the Larry O’Brien trophy.

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One of the biggest meat processing companies in the world is called OSI Group. They have been around for many years under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. He has helped to build the company from only one factory into a global enterprise with factories all around the world. It is interesting to note that he had no prior experience in business before he took control of OSI Group. He was working as an accountant. However, he became friends with the man who owned the company. He saw great potential in the company if it had the right leadership.

Sheldon Lavin had big dreams for the company. He wanted to first expand the company across the United States. He started out by targeting some of the states that are located in the west. He had great results that were far beyond his expectations. It turns out that many of the states that he targeted did not have access to high quality meat. OSI Group began to take off very quickly. The business started to generate a huge profit. However, Sheldon was not going to stop there. He knew that there were many countries around the world that desperately needed meat products.

Sheldon Lavin got in touch with the governments of developing countries that he felt could use the help of OSI Group’s services. He found that these countries were very receptive to his offers. China became one of the most profitable countries for the company. It was a very beneficial partnership for both sides. OSI Group also provided thousands of jobs for people in very poor parts of the world. Sheldon was very happy to give back to the countries that his company is operating in. The company is now respected around the world.

Sheldon Lavin is now considered to be one of their top businessmen on the planet. OSI Group is a company that many people want to work for because of their good working environment and the competitive wages they provide to their employees. There can be no question that the company would not be what it is today without Sheldon’s leadership.

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 LocationSmart is designed to help businesses use the power of IPS geolocaton with customers in a beneficial way.

Their software assigns an address to each business that connects to a network with a intranet,and extranet. The IP address is for host network to be able to identify users or devices that use their network.

The IP address provides location information or where the users are living. This can boost sales, get new customers, improve customer service, and a company’s ability to meet legal obligations. Some industries are heavily regulated by law and online businesses by the location of customers. This applies heavily to online gambling and lottery operations.

Often users location must be verified before the gambling associated businesses can accept bets or pay out money from customers that win.

Businesses like this can face some serious legal complications, when customer locations are not known or forged. This service reduces the risk of online fraud by knowing where a users account is being accessed from or the location.

IP intelligence can identify when the businesses identity is being hidden or abused. Customers may have to call the customer service department at the business to give details on their identify.

LocationSmart can provide information about where the customers are located and help with advertising and marketing. Read more:LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

It give businesses information on how to communicate and contact customers. Businesses can gear advertising to specific groups in different geographic locations. They can make phone calls or use email addresses more easily. Businesses can provide customers with information about product and services, promotions, and discounts geared to their specific interests.

This helps businesses provide more accurate local information to customers and potential customers. It identifies devices connected to your network and helps boost security. Real time information may alert you to hacking attempts. When all devices are connected, it reduce the risk of financial loss.

When businesses provide content LocationSmart protects copyright and digital data ensuring that only authorized users have access. Someone users might copy information for their own use or gain. Maintaining a strong image through brand marketing helps companies use their brand to market themselves.

LocationSmart offers a number of important location services for business. It has metrics to measure performance, manages users, and provides network security. It is used by corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and all type of companies.

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Lincolnshire Management is a premier private equity firm in New York City. For the past 33 years, the firm has harnessed the power of diversifying their investments. Their approach creates value in investing in various industries and developing successful niches. They currently manage over $1.7 billion of private equity. While their headquarters are in New York they also maintain an office in Chicago. They primarily focus on the acquisition of private companies, recapitalization, and much more. Their CEO Tj Maloney looks to grow the already successful firm by bringing in new talent.

New Additions

Matthew Nacier, a graduate from Boston College has joined the team. He will be joining the Lincolnshire team as a senior associate. He shares alumni with Tj Maloney, perhaps a personal selection from a great school.

Nicolas Vega Llosa is expected to join by the end of summer. With an MBA in finance from Columbia University, he is an eager addition to the team.

Yashna Ginodia will become an analyst for the firms deal execution department. She will also become apart of the diligence team and brings experience from New York University.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen brings the best of economics and physics. His education at Georgetown University gave him invaluable experience with predictive maritime software.

About Tj Maloney

 He holds a BA from Boston College and a JD from Fordham Law School. Since joining Lincolnshire Management in 1993 he has risen to become Chairman and CEO. He is actively involved in the company and works closely with portfolio companies. His time on the Investment Committee uses his eclectic experience. His time before joining was spent practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. As the recipient of the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award, he exemplifies strong leadership. The Fordham Law School gave the award in recognition of Tj Maloney’s unwavering moral standard. He has taught future generations as a guest lecturer at several universities. Most notably, he was former Chairman at the Boston College Wall Street Council.

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Isabel dos Santos has been taking the entire continent of Africa by storm for years now. It may be something she inherited from watching her sedulous father, too. This woman’s dad operated as Angola’s attentive President for longer than many members of the general public can actually grasp. His commenced his duties in the seventies. They didn’t stop until close to four decades in the future, either. Isabel dos Santos is frequently associated with the telecommunications field in her beloved Africa. She’s just as frequently associated with her financial investment matters. People are more than familiar with her in Angola itself. They’re also just as familiar with her in neighboring nations on the continent. She’s a highly recognized visage to African citizens all over the map.

There are even many people who recognize her in Europe in Portugal. Isabel dos Santos has managed all sorts of her business responsibilities in the nation that’s part of the Iberian Peninsula. Who did Isabel dos Santos marry back in 2002? She married an impressive man by the name of Sindika Dokolo. Dokolo’s father is a widely known figure in Africa. Dos Santos and her hubby have a few children together now. They’re enamored by the concept of rearing them together as well. According to Isabel dos Santos strives to contribute to the planet by giving back with citizens who are both concerned and hard-working.

There are many people all throughout Africa who adore dos Santos and all of her amazing work that she does for the region. She has a lot of comprehensive insight that relates to shareholding concepts. She has a lot of knowledge that relates to learning in distant nations, too. Dos Santos in the past did a lot of studying in England in the United Kingdom. She’s someone who is keen on traveling the globe in general. She’s done a lot of traveling all throughout Africa. She’s even done an extensive amount of traveling all over Europe. Dos Santos’ mom is someone who was born in Russia. About Dos Santos herself was born in a place called Baku in Azerbaijan. Globetrotting doesn’t intimidate this adventurous gal at all.

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Betsy DeVos quite simply does not believe in insulting others. She thinks that negative comments are a total waste of time. She wouldn’t be incorrect. Although she doesn’t ever insult others, she devotes a lot of energy to building them up. She wants people to feel terrific about themselves regardless of their exact age groups. She wants them to feel like they’re capable regardless of their economic classes as well. DeVos isn’t someone who ever treats people like they’re worth nothing. She sees the value in all human beings out there, plain and simple. Dick DeVos sees the value inside of humans, too. They’re a couple of American parents who don’t ever brush others off. They think that brushing people off is something that literally doesn’t make any sense.


DeVos has many coworkers. President Donald J. Trump is a person who is one of her coworkers. He’s not a basic colleague. He’s a colleague who is candid as can be. He doesn’t let his feeling stay bottled up inside. This is fine by DeVos, too. She’s not intimidated by hearing the truth. Reality has never been something that has ever made DeVos feel uneasy. It’s something that she honestly embraces any time she can.


There are so many American citizens who know all about Betsy DeVos. They’re familiar with her charity efforts. They’re equally familiar with her philanthropy efforts. People who want to find out about her actions can always lern all sorts of things about the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a group that never stops. It’s a widely known non-profit that has many devotees. It’s an organization that puts ample thought into cultural subjects. It’s one that puts ample thought into American families and how they operate. There are many families in the country that seem lost. There are many families in the nation that feel rather out of control. DeVos would like to reverse those woes forever.


Is DeVos a champion? There are so many people in America who would eagerly say that she is. She’s a person who seems superhuman to many others. She never seems to get exhausted. She never seems to say “no” to any daunting challenges. There aren’t many things that scare this gal. She doesn’t think that fear is anything that’s productive. That’s the reason that she consistently shuns it. Her husband isn’t someone who ever lets fear paralyze him, either. He looks at fear as being something that can actually aid his efforts. If he feels frightened, he pushes the emotion out of his mind. He doesn’t want to let fear consume who he is. His wife doesn’t let fear yield that kind of power, either. They’re a strong match.


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Dolphins and whales may live in the sea, but they have much in common with humans. Although the ancient ancestors of humans remained on land, marine mammals went the other way, evolving on land and returning to the sea. Known as cetaceans, these creatures have large and complex brains, and are second only to primates in terms of their intelligence.

Cetaceans have both language skills and social organization that rival humans. Each animal within a pod is recognized individually by the others, in the same way humans are recognized by their names. Cetaceans sing and can communicate from great distances. They are curious, even vain, and are known to solve problems better than other animals.

No cetacean, even killer whales, are known to be a threat to humans. Since they sustain themselves on krill and plankton, cetaceans will never deplete the oceans. Unfortunately, they are themselves threatened by humans. Japan recently departed from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume its hunt for whales.

The threat to cetaceans is illustrated in the film “Ocean Souls,” which was recently released for the purpose of touching and moving public opinion. It may simply be more difficult to kill an animal that has a name and a family. Avoiding the use of shocking images, the film instead employs science and beauty to make its point. The executive producer of the film is Clement Perrette, who was also involved in the production of “Call of the Blue,” which was released in 2015.

In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Clement Perrette currently serves as the managing director and senior portfolio manager at RAM Active Investments, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Previously earning a master of engineering degree, he attended the international business school HEC Paris before his work for trading industries in France and England. He served as head of the investment division at the British conglomerate Barclays before assuming his current position in 2016.

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The things that Barbara Stokes is capable of doing are fantastic. She is the boss at GSF of Alabama, where she heads up a team that helps with relief funds for disasters. The people that she leads look up to her immensely, and she is able to get a lot of things done in a quick period of time. With her education, a degree in Biomedical and Engineering and in Physics, she bring brings a wealth of knowledge to her position. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

Her home life is extremely busy too. She raises three children, and they are happy and loved. When she has some spare time, she volunteers in her community. She brings with her a special mixture of compassion and kindness that cheers the people up that she helps on a tegular basis. Follow Barbara Stokes on

When Barbara Stokes looks to the future, she knows that she has a lot more that she wants to accomplish. She has a great spirit that will take her very far. There is a lot more that she wants to get completed, and everyone she knows wants her to do well. The future really looks great for Barbara Stokes, and she will do well.



Vijay Eswaran’s business expertise has contributed immensely to the success of our nation. He is an exceptional, true entrepreneur. His speeches leave his audience wanting more and they have a profound impact on them, weeks and even months after hearing them.

Eswaran graduated from some of the most profound universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, and has also worked in the some of the world’s largest empires such as IBM, which is established on its own. Vijay Eswaran also has a brilliant personality. He constant contributions to his company and other groups is incredible and so is the amount of love he has for his country.

Vijay Eswaran has paved way for many of the world’s entrepreneurs and has given them a new beginning. He has shown the world’s youth what it feels like to follow their heart and actually listen to it in order to pursue their dreams. His open mind and solid approach to maintaining leadership and brilliant decision making has been acclaimed at an international level.

His contributions to society has been tremendous, so much in fact, that he was awarded with the honorary title ‘dato’ in the country of Malaysia. This title is honored by millions and only those select few have an edge with achieving both their dreams and goals, with an even greater aspiration towards serving fellow man. Only those people are lucky enough to be entitled.

To date, the QI group has offices that are based in 30 different countries around the world. This can attributed to Vijay Eswaran’s hard work and his constant dedication to his company.

Eswaran also addressed and given speeches to several crowds at elite and prestigious universities regarding management and business management. His speeches have been heard by millions of aspiring entrepreneurs and have encouraged them to take the first step towards the success they’ve always dreamed out. His words and his language are proving to be great and valuable assets to him.

This wonderful man gives hope to millions of young entrepreneurial minds. He is definitely the man of this century. His dreams, his aspirations and his goals and his overall spiritual outlook in life has been seen as an inspiration by millions of others. Eswaran has displayed an amazing amount of patience when dealing with people from different countries and backgrounds, and that is what has consistently contributed to the success of one of the world’s largest MLM businesses that exist today. Learning from experience is what comes most naturally to him because he is a firm believer in the fact that you can’t be defeated, there are no failures. There can only be experiences when it comes to maintaining a business.

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Matt Badiali is sharing his advice on investments when it comes to natural resources. His background in science gives him a unique set of skills that make an interesting career for the financial expert. One day Matt is working on the field as an environmental geologist, the next he is recommending stock recommendations when it comes to natural resources. This not only covers metals, oil, energy, but also other natural resources around the world.

The expert set his sights on the financial world after a dear friend recommended the idea of pursuing a career in investments. His unique background in science and natural resources would be a great asset to the world of financial newsletters. In 2017, Matt Badiali took the leap of faith and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an chief resource investment expert. It would not be long until he would be gathering a loyal and large subscriber base. Each subscription comes with a variety of investment recommendations, information, current trends, and so much more. In addition, Matt offers a free e-letter to his subscribers as a thank you. There is never a limit to what he offer his followers, always providing much more than they expected. Read more about Matt on

Matt Badiali resides in Delray Beach, Florida with his family. In addition to working at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt has several other jobs. He is a geologist and analyst at Stansberry Research since 2005. He also taught geology at the University of North Carolina several years ago. This is actually where the financial expert attended college. He earned is Ph.D in sedimentary geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005.

Previously to earning a Ph.D, Matt Badiali earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in geology and earth sciences. He earned these two degree at Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University. Some of the stocks that Matt Badiali is recommending now are gold mining stocks, oil stocks, and Canadian Marijuana stocks. They are undervalued, according to Mr. Badiali. Always make sure to do your research before investing in anything, and take a balanced approach. Related:

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