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Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has only been in business for around seven years. During this time, the company has managed to become the second highest selling lip balm in the United States and sells 1 million units every week. The booming success of EOS began when the company’s founders worked to get their lip balms featured in Walgreens. When the sales were a success, EOS went on to stock the shelves of Target and Walmart locations. Beauty editors for popular magazines like Allure and Cosmo feature EOS lip balms often, and the products are even worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

EOS also provides a number of lip balm flavors that make the products even more exciting to use, hit on for details. Flavors like vanilla and vanilla mint have a pleasant scent and soothe the lips with antioxidants that shield the lips from premature aging. Summer Fruits is another popular EOS flavors, and features berry and melon scents. More of EOS on  The lip balm also contains shea butter, which helps to protect the lips from the harsh rays of the sun. Honeysuckle honeydew is a favorite among EOS users as well, and is free of gluten and harsh chemicals that can damage the lips in the long run. Follow EOS on

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EOS offers shaving creams and hand lotions that are made from natural ingredients as well. Visit for more information.

Curl Saver: No Poo Shampoo

If you have naturally curly hair, maintaining its health and shine is a challenge. Why? Most shampoos include chemicals (synthetics) that strip away oils. Therefore, after a wash, your hair is dry. This state contributes to hair breakage and a dullness that doesn’t make curls ‘pop’. So, the best cleansing route is a no-poo shampoo.A no-poo shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that rid hair of oils.

For DYI Joes and Janes create them with common kitchen items such as baking soda or vinegar. Then, after wetting their hair, work these homemade solutions into their scalp and hair. Yet, for others, there are WEN products.For several years, WEN has been the leader in no-poo shampoos. The product is a conditioning cleanser that promotes hair growth, shine and overall health.

Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean worked for nine months to create the WEN line. His passion for hair led to a revolutionary turn in how people all over the world care for their tresses.Ready to wash and go? Be sure to use a no-poo shampoo on your natural curls. Give them the type of care that will extend their life and length.

Nabors Industries, Inc. CEO, Board Chairman, and President Anthony G. Petrello aka Tony Petrello age 62, was hired at Nabors on October 1st, 1991, right about the time of the 1990-91 recession. Before his ongoing career at Nabors, Anthony G. Petrello received his undergraduate and graduate degree from Yale University. However, he went on to obtain his graduate degree out of Havard Law School. Following his educational background, Mr. Petrello became an employee at Baker $ McKenzie law firm as their Managing Partner, from 1979-1991. All-though Petrello has an impressive work history, he is also on the Board of Directors at Texas Children’s Hospital, Stewart & Stevenson LLC, and had even been a board member at Hilcorp Energy Co.

Nabors Inc, being the world’s biggest land-based drilling company, also the worlds best provider for offshore drilling rigs, is arguably thanks to Mr. Petrello’s dedication to the companies success. Without him and his incredible planning techniques and operating functions to improve cost savings, who knows where Nabors would be in this grueling economy. The fruits of his efforts have brought a huge amount of success to his door. As of the Fiscal Year 2015, Anthony’s total compensation was a massive, $27,663,602 dollars and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

With major success Petrello had seen, also came tragedy to him and his wife Cynthia Petrello. 24 week old Carena Petrello, was born premature with a common condition, Periventricular Leukomalacia, or PVL. This neurological disease is caused in infants, due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. As a side effect to this, beautiful Carena developed the condition known as cerebral palsy. Tony, being the loving and caring, hardworking person that he is, does not give up hope in looking for a cure for his daughters disability. No matter the challenge presented to him, much like this incredible man’s prospering work ethic and read full article.

Beneful Dry Food for Puppies

If you have a puppy, you will want to feed him or her Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food. This tasty dry dog food has 100% of the daily nutrients that puppies need in order to thrive. It supports good vision and healthy brain development with a superior supply of DHA. Available in a few different sizes, Beneful Healthy Puppy has a delicious appeal that your puppy will chow down like there is no tomorrow.

Healthy Weight Dry Food

Made with real chicken, Beneful Healthy Weight dry food will help your dog maintain a healthy weight throughout his or her adult life. This calorie-conscious food is scrumptious enough to your dog that he or she will practically gulp it down. Your dog will not hesitate to let you know when it is mealtime. In addition to the chicken, this mixture of crunchy and tender morsels features genuine carrots, green beans, and apples. It is available in a plethora of sizes for your precious furbaby.

Beneful Wet Dog Food

No other wet dog food can compare to Beneful Chopped Blends. This delicious dog food comes in 10oz tubs and features the finest ingredients that are like Heaven to your dog. With chopped bits of actual turkey, brown rice, spinach, and even sweet potatoes, this food has just enough sauce to make it simply divine to your dog. Your cherished family member will adore Beneful Chopped Blends.

Beneful Chopped Blends for Smaller Dogs

Smaller dogs can enjoy 3oz cans of the same excellent wet food as their larger counterparts. This particular variety we are about to describe is for dogsthat like a little fish in their diet. Available in this small size are bits of real salmon and generous helpings of tomatoes, wild rice, and carrots. This size is also good for older dogs and/or dogs who no longer have many teeth left in their mouths, as it breaks apart easily.

Beneful Dog Treats

Never worry about giving your dog treats again. Help him or her to discover the marvels of Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. This incredibly good-tasting treat comes in different sizes to accommodate the sizes of all dogs. There is no longer such a thing as too many treats for your dog. Each one of these sticks of doggy paradise helps reduce plaque and tartar in his or her teeth. Not only that but Beneful Dental Ridges also support strong bones. Like Beneful dog foods, these treats are made with the finest ingredients around. Give them to your dog today.

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Duda Melzer, more formally known as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a family run business entrepreneur from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He’s well known for his family’s business called RBS Group. Duda is a third generation leader in the business, and he currently serves as CEO and Chairman of the board of directors. He also founded a company that invests in the digital communications field called e.Bricks. This company has provided more than 300 million in funding to startups for an equity position in their company’s. His unique blending of family and business has been the defining factor he attributes to his success. You can visit his Crunchbase profile.

Duda Melzer put much hard work and effort into getting to the high status he enjoys at present. He went to college in Brazil and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then went on to earn an MBA from ivy league Harvard University in the concentration area of effective strategies for media companies and customer centric businesses. He’s worked in finance as well as for a media company in New York City. His real world experience and strong educational background have paid off as his businesses have grown significantly over the years.

Duda Melzer’s ethical and social responsibility has also helped him in the business arena. His charity the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation has made great strides throughout the years. The charity was named after him about one year after his passing. The group aims to raise social awareness of issues affecting children and teens in Brazil. They work with the government to advance their agenda. As expected, Duda is a family man and has three children. He also has a passion for sports, racing being his favorite. Going the extra mile while making time for the important things in life such as charity work distinguish Duda Melzer from the crowd.

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One thing that is being brought to light is the fact that there are some countries that are behind in their treatment in people. Fortunately, there are activists that are working in order to bring forth a much greater and more humane country for people who are living in these underdeveloped regions. Among the activists that are working very hard on this is Thor Halvorssen. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most prominent human rights activists in the industry. One of the reasons is that he is very passionate about what he is doing. It is important to understand what fuels his passion.

One of the things that fuel Thor’s passion is that he is someone who has experience with human rights violations. As a matter of fact, when one looks at the family history, they will see that he is merely the latest in a long line of activists that fight for the rights of others. His father has uncovered government corruption and has been imprisoned for it. His mother was shot in a demonstration. Thor Halvorssen himself was faced with attacks. However, he is not the only one that is facing some opposition in his fight for human rights and resume him.

Thor Halvorssen is someone who has built some partnerships with people throughout different walks of life. Among the people who are working as human rights activists is Christian Bale, the star of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Christian Bale has talked with Thor Halvorssen and he believes in what Thor is talking about.

One thing that could be said for Thor is that he runs his campaigns with a lot of intensity and positive energy. He also takes the time to make sure that he is presentable to people. He does not fall to the stereotype of the activist who is unkempt and has a negative air about him when it comes to humanity. As a matter of fact, Thor stresses that he loves people. This is one of the reasons that he has become an activist for human rights. His love for people makes him really effective for the fight for human rights in other countries and read full article.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the south of England. It is an institution that does research, holds scientific conferences across Europe, and has a publishing arm that printsresearch papers and conference proceedings. When hiring, the jobs that are available are posted on its recruitment board hosted by the University of Southampton or at one of its recruitment centers.

As a highly respected institution,The Wessex Institutehires the most talented professionals to fill roles. The types of positions it hires for are scientific researchers, professors, administrative staff, writers, publishers, and their support staff. When someone earns a position at the institute they become a valued member of the team that is engaged in extremely important research projects as well as educating the next generation of scientific leaders.

Women these days, especially the working one, are worried about their hair styling problem. They invest a huge amount on a daily basis to style their hair because hair is the most prominent part of you and a good looking and managed hair can help you to look attractive. For such working class, WEN by Chaz took a step and designed a product which they can use to get rid of their styling problem on a daily basis.

The hair solutions that are being offered by are the most effective solution these days as used by a huge number of individuals around the globe. Few of their most renewed products are WEN nourishing mousse, cleansing conditioner, re moist intensive, anti-frizz styling crème and few others. However, before such product, don’t forget to read the instruction on the label because every product has its set of instruction that will help you to get maximum benefits from such products.

The coolest thing about these Sephora endorsed products is that it is suitable for every hair type. So, you won’t have to worry if your hair is dry, broken or dull. You can use these products without any problem and can turn your hair into a most beautiful part of your body. If you are the person, who likes result in one night than Wen products are not the right choice for you because WEN cares for the hair of its users. We at WEN never want to harm your harm to give you immediate change by using harmful chemicals.

But it is certain that if you use that product, you will see a visible change from day one as you can see the details here You can use WEN anytime however to know the doses, you must read the label so you can know how many pumps would be sufficient for your hairs.

For more hair care tips, subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

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Karl Heideck is experienced in complex litigation

Karl Heideck is experienced in complex litigation

Becoming a lawyer, especially a highly trained litigator, is no simple task. Not only does a litigator require a bachelor’s degree, but also a law degree, which takes an additional three years of specialized legal classes. Even after obtaining a law degree, the potential lawyer must pass the state bar exam, a test with extremely high failure rates, averaging over a 40% failure rate last year alone.* After passing the bar exam and gaining admission to the bar, the applicant must also regularly attend continuing legal application classes to maintain their bar status.

Karl Heidek not only achieved all of this, he has gone on to aid in litigating many high-level disputes. Kark has gone on to success with several prominent Philadelphia firms, including Conrad O’Brian, Pepper Hamilton, LLP, and Grant and Eisenhower.

Karl Heidek’s practice focuses on litigation disputes in the area of complex securities fraud and banking litigation. His further focus in these areas on issues such as risk management, acquisitions, transactions, and liquidity positions related to the 2008 banking crisis gives him a leg up on the competition when dealing with litigation in these areas.

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Karl Heidek is the one to call for these matters and more, including his efforts as a top-level quality control specialist assisting in pharmaceutical litigation, white collar defense, bankruptcy restructuring, and major construction. As a quality control specialist, Karl Heidek has gone above and beyond the call of duty by developing unique, specialized quality control protocols.

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With great power and success, comes great responsibility. This is a philosophy that Bob Reina and his Talk Fusion team live by. He has dedicated his time to helping people achieve their dreams.



The desire to give back to the community and help the people attain their dreams is the foundation of the Talk Fusion Company. That is the reason why the team strives to do more.



A great leader leads by example, and Bob has made an impact on the world through his personal donations. He has contributed over $ 1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also made significant contributions to supporting the animals and the orphanages in Indonesia.



Through his Company, Bob has been able to change lives. His mission to give back to the community led to the launch of a new program. The program allows all the Talk Fusion Affiliates to donate a free account to the charity of their choice. The free account comes with different features which include branding and complete customizing. The charities will also be able to access the various marketing products like Email, newsletters, and Video chat.



About Bob Reina



Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, launched in 2007. His goal and mission are to help the charities and non-profits across the world. He has enabled them to reach more people with their services and attain their goals.



Bob was once a police officer. However, his desire to help people led him to establish the Talk Fusion. He concentrated most of his efforts to building the WebRTC Technology. With this technology, all the people will be able to communicate anywhere and anytime.



Bob has developed excellent marketing skills that have enabled him to achieve success in the video communication industry. He has different passions that keep him busy. Apart from giving back, he loves the animals. Most of his efforts have been directed to rescuing the animals.



Through the different projects, Bob has managed to lead Talk Fusion to greater heights. He continues to motivate his employees and provide a great environment for them to work.


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