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Being a woman in the world of business is hard enough. Numerous advice is coming from all around, especially for women who want to make progress in their careers. So is it easy for a woman to build a successful career? No, but it is not impossible either. Susan McGalla is a good example.

When it comes to marketing and branding, Susan McGalla is considered to be an expert. The founder of P3 Executive Consulting, McGalla, is an expert consultant to clients in those fields, but also on the operational efficiencies, talent management, and much more.

Susan McGalla has spoken many times about her views on how to hold on in the serious business world as a woman. Since most women are looking for an authentic perspective, McGalla’s spokes were driving the attention of the public. Susan McGalla claims that evolution has occurred in the business world. Women are much more included and they are encouraged to take more responsibilities.

The Beginnings

Susan McGalla has graduated from Mount Union College before starting her career at the Joseph Horne Company. 1994 was the year when she begins to make clear her true ambitions while working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Thanks to her hard work and success, she excelled her career and made it a lifetime experience.

The American Eagle was predominantly a male company so McGalla’s ascending made a true change within the company. She was holding various management positions and finally become the chief merchandising officer and the president of American Eagle Outfitters.

The American Eagle Gave Her Wings To Fly

Up from that moment, Susan McGalla has taken her career into her own hands. She has become a consultant for the key people in financing business, giving them an insider’s perspective on retail.

She considers her career autonomy as a luxury provided by her years of hard work, and passion. Susan McGalla claims that her gender was not ever a true factor in her career success and ambition. She is also hoping that more women will take the same steps, have the courage and launch their careers as well as she did it once.

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A patent holder and expert in blockchain technology, Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France and moved to South Africa with his family at the age of 14. He later studied computer science and technology at Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. Belamant subsequently worked for a variety of companies across industries where he honed his professional skills and earned a stellar reputation in coding digital financial transaction software. Serge Belamant was a key contributor to many advancements in global banking.

As founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989, Belamant introduced universal electronic payment systems (UEPS). In 1995, Net1 was hired by VISA to develop a chip offline pre-authorized card with technology that’s widely used today in the form of chip-enabled credit and debit cards. In the new millennium, Serge Belamant created a digital payment system that made it easy to transfer grants and welfare funds throughout South Africa. This was especially beneficial for distributing funds to areas in dire need. The system developed by Belamant is currently used around the world. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

These days, Serge Belamant is on the Board of Advisors at Prism Group Holdings and Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions. An entrepreneur at heart, he launched a UK-based company called Zilch Technologies. Belamant was inspired to start Zilch after a conversation with his son Philip, an IT engineer and owner of a mobile games company. The discussion was surrounding the influence of social media on the modern world and how it can be leveraged to provide financial products to young people. His though was to provide an interface and language that young people can understand.

Zilch Technologies offers products that sync with the spending habits of younger generations. They provide tailored data and direction to help people improve their financial status. The products are built into mobile phones, which literally places financial support in the hands of the user. Serge Belamant has focused on making powerful tools more accessible to people all around the world to help them make informed decisions concerning their finances and financial future. The inspiration found during the conversation with his son was the genesis of a successful venture.

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This year will mark the 4th annual celebration of International Coffee Day. Coffee lovers have a day of their own to celebrate their favorite hot and iced beverage on September 29th. It all started at an expo that was held in Milan, Italy. The launch of coffee day was an effort to enlighten the world about the challenges faced by coffee growers worldwide.

Try this creative idea the next time you make yourself a delicious cup of Organo Gold coffee. Delight your taste buds with an iced orange creamsicle coffee for for a burst of citrus zing. Add finally grounded orange peels to your coffee filter, then pour the water through as usual. It’s fast and simple to make at home.

Organo Gold offers a business opportunity to make money as a distributor of their distinctive array of products. The company has Distributors around the world that market and sell Organo coffee to their own customers. Distributors around the world are starting their own profitable businesses with the help of this well-established company.

Brew up some Organo Gold coffee, invite some friends over, and start writing up the orders! After one taste, they will be back for more. Be sure to ask them to spread the word to their friends and family, and distributors will soon have a solid customer base of their own and a steady stream of extra income.

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Chocolate peanut butter apple shake, anyone? 😋 Ingredients: 1 scoop OGX Chocolate Shake 1 cup low fat milk 2 tablespoons peanut butter ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1 apple 1 cup ice Blend all ingredients and enjoy. #X4ever

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a highly regarded professional who functions as a representative for Sussex Health Care in the United Kingdom. The aim at Sussex Health Care is to give support to its client base. This support used to seem pretty elusive, too. Elderly individuals are beginning to develop medical concerns that they cannot ignore. Sussex Health Care strives to accommodate all sorts of things that relate to elderly individuals and their existences. It’s at the helm of 20 separate residences at the moment. They’re mostly situated in the southern region of England in the United Kingdom. These homes are equipped with professionals who cater to elderly patients of all kinds. Sussex Health Care accommodates elderly individuals with all sorts of concerns. It accommodates those who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It even accommodates those who have cognitive troubles.

Connect with Shafik Sachedina by visiting his linkedin account

Shafik Sachedina is a powerhouse at Sussex Health Care. He attended the University of London in the United Kingdom. That’s where he learned how to be a capable and masterful dentist. He’s Sussex Health Care’s Joint Chairman. Shafik Sachedina originally comes from Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam. He relocated to the United Kingdom when he was young. This was back in the beginning of the fifties. Shafik Sachedina has the pleasure of collaborating with a man by the name of Shiraz Boghani. Boghani is Sussex Health Care’s capable Joint Chairman. He’s the Splendid Hotel Group’s renowned Director. He’s even its hard-working Managing Partner.

Sussex Health Care has team members who work with elderly individuals in all sorts of key ways. There are a number of Sussex Health Care properties that give residents nursing assistance around the clock no matter what. Many individuals who live in Sussex Health Care properties call for therapy. They can get therapy sessions as they see fit as well. Sussex Health Care is essentially a sanctuary for elderly persons who want to reside in pleasant places. People who live in the homes are fed numerous times daily. They get to take part in all kinds of social gatherings with significant regularity. The atmosphere at Sussex Health Care is warm.



Sergey Petrossov might, to the general public, be a rather new name in the business world, however, he is a young CEO and the aviation world is being influenced greatly by his innovations. For those familiar with Forbes, Petrossov landed himself on this publication’s “30 Under 30” for his work in consumer technology. As an entrepreneur, his greatest and most recent accomplishment is JetSmarter, a company that has many similarities with the famous Uber, though it’s targeting the niche private jet market.

The Florida resident whose birthplace is Russia is being talked about quite positively in the aviation realm these days. Through JetSmarter he hopes to make the process of private aviation both more efficient and more attainable to those who seek these services. This business that Sergey Petrossov has brought into our world is set to give an excellent experience to the fliers who use it, and hospitality is among the highest priorities.

Sergey initially launched this in 2013, and the JetSmarter app has since gained the attention of a multitude of people, both industry insiders and onlookers. Petrossov has managed to attract the investing power of some well-known figures with his unique approach to delivering private aviation to customers. Some of these people are rapper Jay-Z and even the Saudi Royal Family. Clearly, this is an individual with both knowledge and dedication with regards to his quest to improve the state of the private and luxury aviation sector.

Mr. Petrossov began his own journey by flying privately about a decade ago. During his travels, he realized that there were many variables in the industry that he found to be stuck in the past. This revelation gave way to his game-changing JetSmarter app, which he first created by speaking with a few carriers with whom he had experienced back in 2012.

OSI Food Solutions is a top food production company that supplies food products in almost every continent. The company was established in 1912 in Chicago, Illinois by a German immigrant. Since then, this company has strived to meet the needs of the people by producing products that are in line with the tastes and preferences of consumers. It is not easy for a business to survive for such a long time and still have a controlling stake in the global arena. However, OSI Food Solutions has significantly benefited from the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by president David McDonald. These two leaders have been a strong pillar on which this company has managed to grow on.


One of the expansion strategies that OSI Food Solutions has been applying to reach out to customers from all corners of the world is acquisitions. They have been partnering with already existing food companies in different parts of the world to take over their operations. Two companies that have been acquired by OSI include Baho food, a Dutch food company, and Flagship Europe, a U.K based company that was later renamed Creative Foods Europe. These are just some of the recent acquisitions. Over the past two decades, OSI has been acquiring businesses right left and center.

Expansion in the local market.

To meet the demand for food products coming from North America, OSI Food Solutions come up with a plan that would allow it to have sufficient products to sell to the local customers. They bought a facility that was formerly used by Tyson Foods and which is based in Chicago. This facility will help them to expand their production capacity in the local market where they attract an even higher number of customers. North American market has been very supportive to the company, and they would never wish to disappoint the key customers. To know more about the company click here.

International expansion

OSI Food Solutions has also been carrying out various expansion activities in some of its food production facilities located abroad. Recently, they added 22,600 square feet of space to their food production facility in Toledo, Spain. This expansion was intended to double the production of chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually.

The 2008 Olympics was one of the most significant tests for corporates operating in China. It was a moment where corporate efficiency and capacity was overstretched. For OSI Group, however, it was a moment to exhibit the company’s prowess in the food industry. The following are some of the reasons why the company was one of the best companies in the 2008 Olympics.

The first reason why the company had one of the best reviews during this event was that they had details on market demand- David points out that the company expected high demand. In an interview in 2009, the member of the management team pointed out that the company has commissioned research, a year earlier. The research findings helped OSI Group to plan effectively. David McDonald confesses that the research findings also enabled them to make orders in advance. The food company successfully delivered over 113 tons of food to the attendees of the games.

Second, the company, (during the 2008 Olympics) worked with different entities in the food industry. David McDonald points out that they worked with different food outlets in China in planning for the world games. Working with McDonalds’s, Subway, Burger King and other food outlets enabled the company to understand the market structure. David McDonald attributes the success of the company to better networking and the company’s ability to work with different companies. The ability to work with independent bodies points the prowess of OSI and its management.

Thirdly, the company’s approach to customer satisfaction also enabled the company to serve more clients through its affiliate companies. David McDonald acknowledges that the company has a firm policy on quality. This policy enables the company to be relatable to millions of clients around the world. Apart from having a firm policy on customer satisfaction and quality products, David acknowledges that the company’s policy on customer’s satisfaction does not end with business transactions.

He acknowledges that the company has some of the biggest projects on sustainability. The business executive also points out that the company believes in a comprehensive approach to the food market. Regardless of the company’s target market, OSI is one of the few companies that spend a considerable portion of its profits on sustainability projects.


James Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia’s Mclntire, School of Commerce. He began training at J.P Morgan’s as an analyst in their training program. After training, Mr. Dondero was enrolled at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst where his excellence in work made him promoted to a Portfolio Manager. In 1989, Mr. James Dondero quite working at American Express and joined Protective Life where he met Mark Okada. The two joined hands and together they created a joint venture that is now the infamous Highland Capital Management. In 1993, the company was launched in Los Angeles and later relocated to Dallas, Texas; now the headquarters. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Highland Capital Investment under James Dondero’s management, has a variety of operations across its diverse acquisition investment platforms, with credit hedge funds management, managing liquid alternative mutual funds, real estates, vehicles EFTs among other investment solutions. With his very invaluable skills, Mr. James Dondero has made Highland Capital Management company the success that it is today. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

James Dondero has the ability to make good and quick decisions with his business; this has greatly contributed to his philanthropic work, by providing financial support. He has greatly contributed to so many foundations in Texas, US. He is actively involved in his work to provide charity services to the young people; for example, he funded the Dallas Zoo’s first exhibitions, he works together with government institutions and leaders to nurture young people’s leadership skills and providing them with other kinds of financial supports. Highland Capital Management donated 2 million dollars to Methodist University to create the ‘Tower Scholar Program Fund’. The program is greatly aimed to support the top performing undergraduate students in the university and boost them in studying political and international affairs thus providing them with exposure.

The main principle of James Dondero in his philanthropic work is to be able to take note of the opportunities for the nonprofit organizations to work together and maximize their impact in helping the society.


Rebel Wilson was born in 1980 in Sydney, Australia. After her graduation from the famous Australian Theatre for the Young People in the year 2003, she started appearing as Toula on a special Broadcasting Service The Wedge. This is a sketch comedy series and the Pizza comedy series. Rebel Wilson wrote and produced and starred in the comedy series the Bogan Pride in 2008.

In 2009, Wilson won the Tropfest award for the best actress of the year for her crucial role in Bargain. Just after moving to the United States, she was cast as Brynn in Bridesmaids film.

Rebel Wilson also appeared in What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Struck by Lightning and A Few Best Men film. She attended the Tara Anglican Institution for Girls, and she attained her Higher School Certificate in the year 1997 which include second place in food technology in the state. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | GlamourandPitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Mathematics was her first career choice. She went to New South Wales University, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degrees. She is also a former Australian Rotary International Youth Ambassador. Rebel Wilson has spoken of the malaria-induced hallucinations seeing herself as the actress who had won the Oscar, convincing her to take an acting career path.

Rebel Wilson Celebrates Her 39th Birthday with the Catzercise Workout

Rebel Wilson recently celebrated her 39th birthday with the Catzercise workout. She shared a series of posts on her Instagram account documenting the fun birthday celebrations that included trying out the Catzercise which is a new and unique form of exercise and taking a cake-making class.


Rebel Wilson, who is currently starring in the 2019’s upcoming Cats film, shared the videos of dance moves that she and her friends learned during the 30-minute rehearsal. Wilson together with her friends performed while wearing cat costumes.

During the performance, Rebel Wilson was sporting the pink-furry armbands and the cat ears. Wilson and her friends rehearsed for thirty minutes while creating the video. She then took her time to sing the praises of the excellent work on her Instagram account.

Rebel Wilson also celebrated her 39th birthday by taking the cake-making class at one of the Milk Bars in the city where she created her celebratory birthday cake.

Also, Wilson recently hit the stage production of Cats by sharing posts posing with a cast. She will feature as Jennyanydots in the upcoming film alongside the famous costars including Alive Idris Alba, who is the people’s reigning sexiest gentleman, Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Jennifer Hudson.

During the interview with the Entertainment Tonight, she spoke about working closely with the Swift, 29 where she said that the singer brings sultry vibes to her character in the musical adaptation.

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After proving that it was a viable treatment option given that the patient is on board and willing to put the work into it they went to treating people. Since the group has started to entertain people all over the country they have been expanding the centers they have and more than ever the treatment they give is being looked at. Those that come to the center range considerably both in the problems that they have and how severe it is but the treatment for all of those patients do start the same.


All patients that come to the center are examined and get the chance to talk with the doctor about their symptoms. After that, there are several brain scans done on the patient, and if they do take medication, they have to do scans with and without the prescription to get a clearer picture of what is going on with the patient. From that point, they can get a personalized treatment plan from the doctors that work there. The length of time the treatment takes or even what the doctor thinks dramatically depends on the situation that the doctor has to start with and how hard the patient works at helping themselves. While the doctors to monitor the patients and help them along a lot of the work is on the patient as it is their job to do the brain training that is provided by the center to the patient to do at home. For those that do put in the work, the results are fantastic and life-changing as many get to walk away from a completely different person feeling entirely or almost entirely free of the problems that they had in the first place. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore is a neurological research group that for years tested and tried to find out whether or not brain training could be adaptive to treat mental disorders. The results were better than what they had ever expected to get from the testing as not only was it a drug way free way to treat the patient but it was a great way to change the function of the brain to be normal. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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