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Isabel dos Santos is a thriving businesswoman who is the oldest daughter of Angola’s past famous President named Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel dos Santos’ career took a successful turn for the better in 2013 when her estimated net worth became more than 2 billion U.S. dollars eventually making Isabel dos Santos Africa’s very first billionaire woman ever.

It was in January of 2016, that former President Mr. Jose Eduardo dos Santos finally approved a monitary offer awarded to several different companies which include Urbinveste, where his daughter Isabel is the chief shareholder. This specific tender was used for the general construction of a fairly new suburb which would be in the capital Luanda.

Isabel is thought to be the country of Africa’s richest woman to date and a social entrepreneur. Isabel has donated profoundly to the development and upliftment of various local communities and also works fervently to recreate the physical and telecommunications infrastructure of her native country of Angola. Isabel dos Santos is a engineer by trade, administering her knowledge and training to the advancement of society. Through Isabel’s powerful leadership initiatives, she has correctly put in place different structures and systems allowing different women to be promoted, with a distinct focus on equal pay and empowerment.

Mrs. Santos has become a positive leader for many young entrepreneurs while also becoming a successful female symbol of gender empowerment for females around the world. Isabel dos Santos zealously promotes skills training, technological creativity, financial independence, and education and also provides innovative funding for building of strawberry plantations. Isabel dos Santos understands fully the challenges and difficulties that are faced by different women in today’s hard business environment. She is a powerful and intelligent businesswoman who encourages and inspired others who have a dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs one day.

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C&C Alpha Group was founded in 2002 by Bhanu Choudhrie. It is a holding company that focuses on agriculture, healthcare, property, hospitality, utility and aviation industries. The company also has an advisory department that gives investors advisory services at any project stage. C&C Alpha Group is headquartered in London but has offices in India and other parts of the world, including the United States of America. The company has been successful and this can be attributed to Bhanu Choudhrie’s curiosity and his team. Bhanu Choudhrie says that the idea to build C&C Alpha Group came from his desire to build on his family’s entrepreneurial history.

His family began investing in the real estate industry more than 3 decades ago and his father and uncle established an electronics import business in the 70’s. His great-grandfather had held the position of chairperson of the board of directors of the Punjab National Bank. the young entrepreneur wanted to build a business that encompassed this family’s ric business history. His day begins at 6:30 am when he wakes up and reads through his email. He heads to the office at around 10am but that depends on whether he is travelling or is at home.

At the office he attends to issues that relate to the day to day running of a large company. He does his best to stop working at 6pm at which time he goes to the gym in order to relax. He is a firm believer that taking time to relax ensures one can think clearly and make better business decisions. In order to stay successful, Bhanu Choudhrie, has a team of professionals who work towards making is ideas a reality. He also ensures that he takes time to engage in activities that he enjoys such as boxing. Taking time away from the office and having a routine make Bhanu Choudhrie maintain a successful business. Bhanu is 41 years old and was born in New Delhi. He has a degree in International Business and Marketing from Boston University. He and his family live in London.

Jason hope is one of the best futurists, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs around the world. Jason is from Arizona and spends his professional life pursuing his interest in modern technology. Jason hope studied at Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in finance. Jason is also an MBA holder, which he received from Carey School of business. Jason believes in modern technology and is dedicated to reaching more about rejuvenation biotechnologies. As an entrepreneur, Jason is focused on finding methods that will help prevent diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, among others. Also, he works towards finding a way to slow down the aging process as well as reduce the effects of aging. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for updates.

Recently Jason Hope donated more than $500,0000 to a research foundation Negligible Senescence which has the capability of examining thousands of methods that could slow the aging process. The organization is focused on researching and finding equipment that can be used to repair damaged cells, find strategies that could reduce by-products stored within cells as well as search for compounds that mitigate oxidation. Hope’s main goal when it comes to slowing down the process of aging is to reduce the number of deaths and enable people to live longer. Today Jason continues to work with different organizations such as SENS foundation to develop medical products and treatment plans that promote anti-aging. Jason is committed to his anti-aging project, and he recently donated money to the SENS foundation to help with the research. So far, the SENS foundation has managed to discover Glucosepane, which is the main cause of the developing of ages in human beings.

Also, Jason hope is a writer who recently released a new E-book the Internet Of Things on Amazon. The book talks about how the internet of things has helped to improve efficiency and solve problems in various industries around the globe. The E-book serves as a guide to help people understand more about the internet of things and its benefits. Jason’s book has been well received by society as it is a very educative book to entrepreneurs and philanthropists out there. During an interview, Jason was asked to advise his younger self, and he said that he would tell his younger self not to focus small details and look at the bigger picture. Jason is successful today due to his hard work and enthusiasm to succeed in his career. Check out:


The law firm Kluger Kaplan has been named as the best law firm in the United States by the entity Best Lawyers in America. Kluger Kaplan was provided recognition as the top law firm in the nation due to a combination of its legal expertise, professional conduct and dedication to serving its many clients. For the second year in a row, this law firm established itself as the premier legal practice in Florida and the rest of the United States.

Each year the Best Lawyers compiles a list of law firms and professionals in the legal field. It evaluates over 87,000 industry professionals and lawyers who are able to provide their feedback. With over 10 million evaluations on the legal abilities of lawyers and firms, the Best Lawyers names its choice as the top law firm in the nation.

Kluger, Kaplan has a staff of very talented lawyers who specialize in a variety of legal branches. They offer assistance such as real estate litigation, family law and mergers and acquisitions. A few of the lawyers who were recognized for their performance include Alan Kluger, Abbey Kaplan and Todd Levine. Bruce Katzen is one lawyer who has established himself as a top legal practitioner in Securities and Capital Markets law and commercial litigation. Alan Kluger is another lawyer of the firm who has been recognized for his work in family law along with banking and finance litigation.

The founder of Kluger, Kaplan, is Todd Levine. He is a leading real estate litigation lawyer who has established a reputation of providing effective representation and service for his clients. As the founder of the law firm, Todd Levine has looked to recruit talented lawyers and continue providing high quality service to the many clients the firm has. Over the years, Todd Levine has represented many clients in real estate litigation cases such as investors, contractors, property owners and real estate brokers.

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Carsten Thiel is a leading professional in the field of biotechnology. With his professional experience, he ahs been able to launch a number of well known medical products such as Stensiq, Prolia, Vectibix and Neulasta. Along with launching these products, Carsten also has much direct involvement in improving the lives of many patients. One of the keys to his approach to healthcare is his adherence to medical ethics. He emphasizes medical ethics whenever he makes decisions. With his ethical approach to medicine, Carsten Thiel has looked to change existing medical protocols and his proposed changes have helped provide more comprehensive care for patients as well as improving the provider patient relationship.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Carsten Thiel established himself as a top student. He studied chemistry in Marburg and looked to continue his studies in England. He attended the University of Bristol in the southwestern United Kingdom. During his time as a student, Thiel studied other subjects such as biochemistry and organic chemistry. Carsten completed a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Bristol. Thiel would later attend Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry where he completed a doctorate degree in molecular biology.

After completing his educational programs, Carsten Thiel went on to begin his career and enter the workforce. He joined a company called Hoffman La Roshe which was a leading biotechnology firm. Thiel started out as a Communications and Product Manager where he used his scientific knowledge, innovative thinking and interpersonal skills to succeed. Shortly after joining the company, Carsten would then advance through the company where he would be offered the opportunity to hold a position in scientific marketing. Once he mastered a variety of roles in biochemistry, Thiel would then use his expertise to test products in the market and introduce them to the pharmaceutical sector.

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Eric Lefkofsky has founded companies like Groupon that work with the public to help them save money and get services. This is a great place for people to go when they are looking for something that will give them a savings and help them get a nice service. However, these same people are also in need of healthcare. Eric founded Tempus, and he has been talking about how the healthcare field can get a lot more efficient. He is showing people that they can shift their perspective on healthcare to make it better for everyone.

  1. Electronic Everything

Eric wants more facilities to go electronic because he knows that this is a faster way to get information. More can be done for the patient when the electronic files are used, when there is technology used to handle surgeries, and to manage patient interactions. There are a lot of people who get healthcare in this style because they could not get it otherwise.

  1. Expanding Care

Eric knows that he can expand healthcare if his principles are used for all patients. There are a lot of companies that are often forgetting about how the healthcare field should become more efficient. These facilities might need to use the services that Eric is talking about, and he is putting his money into places that will be better for everyone. If anyone is trying to get the best possible results for the future of their facility or health, they can think of what Eric talks about online.

  1. Conclusion

There are many people who will benefit from much more efficient healthcare, and they need to look to people like Eric Lefkofsky because he is leading the charge to make this industry as efficient as possible. When this happens, more people are going to get the care they need.

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In one of Ted Bauman’s latest newsletter, the financial expert challenged college students to recall their most recent use of cash for a transaction. The Banyan Hill Publishing editor stands his ground with the message of cash no longer being king. In fact, months and months had passed since the need for cash according to many of the students who took part in this challenge; The majority even stated that the use of cash in most of their instances where to get rid of it. Others stated that they usually keep cash around because certain small businesses only accept cash. However, even this is becoming nonexistent as technology has allowed small businesses owners the opportunity to accept card transactions simply using their phones.

Ted Bauman states that cash was often very convenient; for example, paying for gas often meant that you needed to pre-pay for it. You’de give the gas attendant a twenty dollar bill and collect the remaining amount that you didn’t use. Due to the rise and access of credit and debit cards, an individual can simply swipe and use as much as their card allows with no need to walk into the store.

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Of course, physical cash in the past was also a tactic on spending less, says Ted Bauman. People would often hide cash within their homes or simply put it away as a means to not get tempted to use it while out doing errands. However, Ted Bauman explains that today’s technology has presented people with a variety of online budgeting tools that can do a far better job of keeping us in line with our finances.

However, Ted Bauman warns investors not to believe that just because we’re heading into a mostly digital currency that they should quickly invest into VISA or Mastercard. Ted Bauman states that due to this rise of virtual funds, we are going to rapidly see the emergence of various companies seeking to take advantage of this shift. We’ve already seen the rise of Google Wallet as well as Apple Pay, to name a few. Mr.Bauman does recommend investors look into PayPal as this medium has had an incredible track record of execution and success.

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Bhanu Choudhrie has realized that it is all about your outlook on life. This philosophy has served Bhanu Choudhrie well. Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to make significant progress in his life because of the fact that he works each day to continue to minimize his liabilities and maximize opportunities. This makes a bit of sense, Bhanu Choudhrie is an investment professional and a business individual as well.

He knows that for one to succeed, they have to understand the game and they have to make certain that they minimize their negative thoughts and opinions. As one continues to progress on this journey of life, they must flow like water and invest, build and create a better tomorrow.

As such, he may think that when one is in a rut, it is best for them to dig themselves out of it by moving about and thinking in a positive manner. Being in a rut will quite likely result in you not wanting to partake in conversations. It may make you disgruntled or snappy towards the people around you. Or you may just be ambivalent towards everything, no matter if you are at work or at home.

In social gatherings, people may call you a party-pooper. At work, you may be referred to as the epitome of dullness. And at home, your family would be concerned about your well being.

It isn’t something that has to be specifically resorted to mental illness. As long as you are mentally healthy but just feeling that sense of boredom taking over you, then medications aren’t the resolution.

Changing your attitude is.

Take a Good Look at Your Life

As mentioned above, people who find themselves in a rut often have good enough lives. They have enough to and get by, enough to work for, and enough to enjoy.

But is all of that really enough to be satisfied with?

To determine this, make sure to take a good look at your life. Go through your daily routine of monotony and the running wheel that you are turning day in and day out.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a renowned orthopaedic expert in the United States. He is not only an important contributor to the orthopaedics field but also very influential in educating the public on the importance and fast-happening developments being made in the medical field.

Education Background

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum graduated with his degree in medicine from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He attended Philadelphia’s Rothman Institute where he received his credentials. He received special training for joint replacement surgeries after which he has become an expert in the orthopaedics field. Also, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum lectures about information technology, process, management and process re-engineering in the medical field, a subject that he also writes about.

Career achievements

Currently, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum works at Bronxcare Health System where he also serves as the head of orthopaedic surgery. In the orthopaedic field, he is referred to as an innovator and design expert having contributed to the design of several joint replacement systems being used to date. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has vast experience having completed many joint replacement services throughout his career. However, he is perfected in knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries; these are areas in which he has specialized.

Before joining Bronxcare Health System, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum served as a chief Adult Reconstruction surgeon at Kaiser Permanente System. For eight years, he ran his private practice as an orthopaedic. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum holds many other posts in different organisations thanks to his hard work and prowess in the medical field. These posts include Advisory Chief Technology Officer for Swiftpath program and DTC Healthcom’s Chief Medical Officer. Also, he has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for a long time, and since 2010 he serves on the HER Project team.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a celebrated figure in the orthopaedic field. In his practice, he focuses on investing in his patients and connecting with the staff working with him. He says this approach to his work in the medical field gives the patient confidence and places him at a position to ensure the patient is satisfied.

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Lincolnshire Management, Inc. hit headlines last year when the funds it advised sold Holley Performance Products to a Sentinel Capital Partners’ affiliate. The buyer of the company merged Driven Performance Brands with Holley. The terms of the transaction were not immediately disclosed after the closure of the transaction.

Holley is the largest manufacturer, designer and marketer of branded products. Founded in 1903, Holley serves the stable as well as growing performance automotive aftermarket. The brand boasts over 100 years of service, performance expertise and product management that enabled it to become a cornerstone brand in the American performance culture. Additionally, the brand built complementary brands including Hooker, MSD, ACCEL, Edge, NOS, Superchips, Weiand, Hays, Racepak, Mallory, Quick Fuel Technologies, Earls and Diablosport. The company seeks to revolutionize the automotive industry adding value and excitement to vehicles of enthusiasts.

The Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, T.J. Maloney, stated the company’s brand strength, best-in-class management team and leading product portfolio represented an impressive investment opportunity for Lincolnshire. He continued to say that since they partnered with the company in 2013, they have worked together with its team to execute a compelling acquisition strategy as well as drive growth through heavy investment in new product development.

Lincolnshire Management’s Principal, Ben Bartlett, termed Holley as an iconic brand which has an ability to drive innovation. Its innovation capabilities is attributed to its focused product development aimed at cultivating strong, meaningful relationships with enthusiast consumers all over the industry. He added that Tom Tomlinson and his team have done an incredible job navigating the technology dynamics as well as consumer preference. Consequently, the company has been able to triple revenues during the investment period of Lincolnshire Management.

President and CEO of Holley Performance Products, Tom Tomlinson, said that the company has excellent knowledge of its market, products as well as consumers. Holley Performance Products have been able to navigate and understand complexity of the issues it goes through while adding value throughout the organization. Consequently, they have been able to maintain an upward growth trajectory. Holley Performance Products was advised by Lazard Middle Market as well as UBS Investment Ban and legal counsel from Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

About Lincolnshire Management, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management is a leading private equity firmwhich is specialized in investing in as well as acquiring growing middle-market companies throughout an array of industries. Based inNew York, the firm invests in recapitalizations, acquisitions of private companies, corporate divestitures, management buyouts as well as growth equity for both public and private companies.

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