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Oren Frank is a bright entrepreneur that chose to invest in things that can bring a better impact on other people. He does not have time to give his attention to people that do not have better opinions about others. His life has always been surrounded by people that experience other matters that negatively affect their living. For him, investing in the therapy industry enabled him to cause more joy to others. He believes that fear affects people in many that they cannot ace a therapist and openly tell them their problems. With the online platform that he launched, many have found it easy to explain to people about the things they go through. For years, he has noted that every human being has their problems that can easily hand when they receive the necessary help and support from other people.  Check out talkspace .com to see full videos of Oren Frank’s presentation.

Mental illnesses require a lot of intervention from other people. When people start to show ignorance towards such people, they may have a feeling of rejection which can only harm hem more. Oren Frank also recommends that such individuals should be given enough space to decide on what they want in their lives. To him, enough space ensures that everyone takes their moments to perfect about the impact of the experiences they go through in their lives and what they can do t improve on their behaviors. Sides, a lot of mediation enables people living with mental illness to put up with all the issues that they are experiencing. Even at times when it proves top hard for people to reject their unworthy habits of taking substances, they can easily overcome them if they join hands together with others that do share the same problems. With this, they can gain a from of encouragement form the healing processes of others in the healing and rehabilitation centers. For more information about  Oren Frank, visit at

The success that Luke Lazarus has achieved in his business career life is unparalleled in Australia. This entrepreneurship mogul started exhibiting signs of a business person since he was eight years old. At that age, Lazarus opened a company, from which he managed to earn thousands of dollars. This was an indicator that he had a talent, far from education, which could lead him to success if adequately nurtured.

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At 24, Luke Lazarus obtained an MBA from the Melbourne School of Business. His choice of the institution was inspired by his passion for giving back to his community in Australia. Otherwise, he would have studied at Harvard University in the US, where he had been admitted after his high school education.

Immediately after graduation, Luke ventured into business by starting four organizations. He managed the firms successfully until the point where he felt that he was not impacting his community significantly. At the age of 33, he sold all the firms and opened a consultancy agency.

The primary goal of Luke Lazarus when establishing the consultancy firm was to provide advice to young entrepreneurs who wished to venture into business but lacked the knowledge. With the vast experience he had gained while running his companies, Luke had the aptitude for advising any business enthusiast who would listen to him. Primarily, Luke Lazarus focused on startups, a business stage where he knew entrepreneurs faced a lot of challenges.

One of the challenges that entrepreneurs endure while starting their enterprises is difficulty in penetrating the market. This is due to the adverse market forces, which suppress the progress of these young organizations.

One of the forces id stiff and unfair competition in the market. In any industry, some firms tend to control the operations of the entire sector.

They have sufficient capital to compete in every angle in the market. This impacts the market reach for the small entities, with most of them collapsing at an early stage. In the past, advertising was a challenge for small enterprises. This was because the only channels available were the mainstream media. However, as new technological advancements emerge, this process has become easier for small companies.

Social media is one of the platforms that have offered great assistance to startups regarding marketing activities. Organizations can now communicate with billions of audience on such social media platforms as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. According to Luke Lazarus, this has been a breakthrough for small enterprises because all they need to do is develop content that can convert their audience into customers.

Despite the process seeming simple, Luke Lazarus admits that crafting inspirational marketing content takes more than just writing. The task requires top-notch creativity and innovation. This is because the content should be intended to sweep the emotions of the audience, convincing them to subscribe to the services of the entrepreneur.

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Having been at the helm of multiple organizations during his youth, Luke Lazarus possesses sufficient skills to craft such messages and content for young entrepreneurs. For this reason, he has proved himself to be the go-to person whenever business enthusiasts contemplate starting a firm.

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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of a company called OSI Group. OSI Group is a company that works with food and meat processing. He has worked with this company for quite some time. Sheldon Lavin has a lot of knowledge in the work that he does. Working in the food and meat industry comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to keep all of the industries that you are working with happy with what you are providing them.

OSI Food Solutions works with some of the biggest fast food industries out there. These include McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, and more. They are expanding their opportunities. They are developing different types of food options. OSI Food Solutions is trying to make sure that they have every option available to every person that will be stopping by to receive food at the locations that they supply. Learn More about OSI at

Sheldon Lavin has received a lot of awards and recognition for the work that he has put in with OSI Group. He has learned a lot through the years and it is shaping him in to the hard worker that he is. He has learned how to lead and grow a successful business. Growing a business comes with many lessons. You have to learn that with success comes failure. You have to learn that your failures are just lessons that will lead you to bigger and better things.

Sheldon Lavin took every experience he received while working with OSI Food Solutions as a lesson. Working with OSI Food Solutions helped him to really grow. Now he is hopeful that he will be able to help others learn everything that they can about how to run a business in a way that is going to keep them successful for a very long time into the future. Sheldon Lavin is going to see many more years of success thanks to OSI Group.


Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin, the CTO of Virtual Health, believes that technology has the ability to help make modern medicine more proactive rather than reactive. He makes the compelling observation that one’s social media platforms know more about them than their own doctors. Imagine a technology that works with your smartphone to help monitor your health and can alert you to any issues or problems that you may be having! Telehealth is gaining more traction in the medical field as doctors and patients alike begin to recognize the benefits of pairing technology with medical care.

Jack Plotkin

Moving Past a Reactive Model for Medicine

Connected devices and devices worn by consumers have made a huge difference in the world of telehealth, as these devices can be used quite easily to monitor a patient’s vital signs and alert them when anything appears to be amiss. The best part about this improvement is that the patient need not make any changes or add another monitoring step to their day, they simply wear the devices as they normally would. Analytics firms are now joining forces with insurers and medical care providers to figure out the most effective ways to harness this information for the benefit of their patients.

Videoconferencing is another huge piece of the telehealth puzzle, as this allows doctors and other care providers to meet virtually with their patients. This feature is especially useful for patients who live in rural areas where it may not be easy for them to get to the doctor on a regular basis. With telehealth features, such people can access their health care from the ease and comfort of their own homes! This will increase the likelihood that they receive the necessary care on a timely basis. Additionally, it can be difficult for older patients to travel to their doctors.

Jack Plotkin is the CTO of Virtual Health and a visionary in the field of telehealth.

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932; he went to the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He majored in finance and accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Business at Roosevelt University. For close to two decades, Sheldon has managed his financial consulting firm. The firm’s name is Sheldon Lavin and Associates based in Chicago. He is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC.

Mr. Lavin started an association with Otto & Sons in 1970; this was the predecessor form for what is currently known as OSI LLC. OSI Group is a group comprising of several firms, OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI Group international. There is another firm based in India by the name Vista Processed Foods, still under the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin is known for his business acumen and expertise.

He started his business journey in Chicago. His business venture is based in Aurora and specializes in food processing in meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Their customers are in the restaurant, retail, food distribution, and the industrial sector. They have a broad clientele in over 60 facilities in 17 countries. Sheldon Lavin has been active in philanthropic cause. He supports Ronald McDonald House Charities for over two decades.

Sheldon Lavin has been recognized for his impeccable achievement. This happened after making OSI Group an international brand. In 2016, the India Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon with the Global Visionary Award.

The award is given in honor to visionaries in different visions; who are known to have turned dreams into reality. All this is achieved by ensuring perseverance and persistence in achieving their goals. The company has different sustainability awards that they plan to achieve.

Sheldon has competently managed the company, and they were listed in position 136 by Forbes in 2011. This was determined by their annual revenues that were at an amount of $3 billion. In 2016, they were number 58 at $6 billion, two years later they were number 63. By March 2019, they were listed by Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine as number 6 at the top 150 Frozen Foods Processors. The Whole Foods Market awarded OSI an award for the Outstanding Innovation in April 2019.

Advertising has long been of value to consumers and businesses alike. This is an industry that allows both to connect on a deep and important level. People can use advertising to learn about products they might with to buy that can improve their lives. Sellers can use the advertising industry to show people new products they are offering as well as improvements to existing products and products for sale at a good price. Someone who knows the power of this vast industry is Gustavo Martinez. Martinez has enjoy a long and successful career in this industry. In the process, he’s shown that this is one industry that can offer a great deal to all those who understand just how it can be used to connect companies and people.


Significant Talent


When it comes to doing well in the field of advertising, many factors will play a role. Anyone who wants to make this field a field where they can really make a difference is someone who must be devoted to it. It’s also a field where people can use in order to demonstrate a certain talent for capturing the feel of the public and connecting to them. This kind of talent is something is often innate. Someone with such a talent is Martinez. Martinez has shown his dedication to the industry from his very first job. It was here that his impressive talents began to be recognized by those in a position to take full advantage of them.


A Notable Ad Man


Those who study this field often look for what make someone really good at it. When people begin to create a history of advertising in the 20th century, they will look to Martinez and recognize his many accomplishments. He started out with the prestigious firm of Price Waterhouse and Henkel. Here, he was able to hone his craft and learn about the many things that go into creating copy that speaks directly to consumers in the long-term. His understanding of the field led him to even greater success. He became the president of the influential firm of McCann World Group.


Looking to the Future


Like so many people who have seen a great deal of success in their field and found recognition for it, Martinez is not content to merely sit on his laurels and let his accomplishments speak for themselves. Instead, he continues to look at this field and see how can contribute. He choose to step down from his leadership role and think about other ways that he can effect change and make the field a better one. In this role, he hopes to continue to add to his many accomplishments and make it one that offers the best for clients and for creative firms. He is confident that people can find his own leadership skills of use int their lives and get where they want to be. It is this optimism that marks his view of the next step.


Gustavo Martinez can be reached through LinkedIn.

Sudhir Choudhrie who is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a politician, a writer, and an excellent investor was born in India. He received his education from the University of Delhi and he completed his bachelor’s from there. He started his career in India by founding the Magnum international trading company in 1975. The primary goal of the company was to increase the number of export goods from India to other countries. His trading company helped in strengthening the relationship with other countries and gave him the skills to develop communication and establish relationships with clients which were very useful in his later years.

Sudhir Choudhrie started a joint venture with the Taj Resort in 1995 which was also very commercially successful. They started Taj Kerela which was a big success along with four other local resorts. He also formed an alliance with Adidas AG and formed Adidas Indian Trading which started making high-quality products. New high tech manufacturing factories were formed as a result of this venture which resulted in 180 stores.

2003 was another great year for Sudhir Choudhrie as he decided to step foot in the airline industry in that year. He started investing in Air Deccan which is India’s first budget commercial airline. At that time the airline consisted of only one plane but with time the airline was a huge success and in 5 years of time they started doing 200 flights a day carrying over 7 million passengers.

Sudhir Choudhrie is now living in London with his wife Anita and his two children Bhanu and Dhairya. He became a British national in the year 2010. He is now working as the vice-chancellor of the C & C Alpha group. He played a major role in the development of the subsidiaries of the company like hospitals, healthcare, aviation, banking, and many others. He has excellent skills in client acquisition and also in developing relationships with clients.

Sudhir Choudhrie has actively donated in many charitable organizations and has also become a major benefactor in many leading universities. He is responsible for many development projects in the USA, UK, and India.


Niranjan Shah stands as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, which is an engineering company that operates out of Chicago. The company that he found also offers services in architecture and construction, along with their engineering consultancy. Niranjan Shah has an impressive story that has led him to the point that he currently stands at.

Niranjan Shah was born in India and grew up in a small village there. Growing up, the village that he lived in had very little access to water and electricity. In spite of this, he tried his best to study hard in these adverse circumstances and pursued a degree in engineering from Birla Engineering College in India. Soon after completing his education in India, he decided to move to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. He decided to pursue the field of civil engineering and attended the University of Mississippi to earn his degree. Soon after, he moved to the city of Chicago where he later founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation.

Another notable education qualification that Niranjan Shah is a degree from Harvard Bussiness School. He attended this program in order to boost his leadership skills and his ability to guide a company towards positive development.

The company first opened its doors for business in 1974 and since then has grown to become an incredibly prominent name within the engineering industry. When the company was in its initial phase, Niranjan Shah was the only person running the entire company. Over the years, the company grew and Niranjan Shah started to hire more people to help him run the company that he was building. Over the years, the company has had hundreds of employees working among its ranks, which ultimately led to the division of the various departments within the company.

Through the course of his career, Niranjan Shah has worked on several notable projects and with a wide range of clients coming to them for their engineering and architecture services. He has also worked on numerous projects for the city of Chicago, one of them being the notable Deep Tunnel Project. The company was also the recipient of the Outstanding Civil Engineering Award which was given to them by one of the most notable organizations in engineering in America.

Niranjan Shah has also worked on several other notable projects such as the redevelopment of the Midway International Airport and the construction and design of the O’Hare Airport. The company that he founded has also worked on projects for several embassies in the United States and has worked with several other federal departments to produce notable projects.

In addition to building up the company, Niranjan Shah has also been a part of numerous research publications and articles that have had a strong impact on the industry. He has also worked on a number of projects for federal agencies and has worked with several other supplementary agencies who needed research regarding certain aspects of the engineering industry and the impact that it has on society.

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It can be difficult starting and managing a thriving business, and Paul Herdsman provides advice on how to sustain success with company growth. As COO for NICE Global, his knowledge and commitment to his job has proven a solid track record for building this company.

NICE Global, located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is a leader in outsourcing services for companies such as customer service, technical support, and email services. Paul lives in Florida now and focuses on solutions that make this company shine.

Herdsman’s belief is to invest in his employees and incorporate a friendly family-like work environment. A happy and content employee will assure higher customer satisfaction through his or her performance.

NICE employees are provided with the right training and continued education to lead the company successfully. The company focuses on reward programs to motivate it’s employees as well, based on a performance that will advance the company.

Herdsman states that having a company culture that includes every employee knowing each other’s job guarantees a better workflow in each department and promotes teamwork.

NICE Global also has an employee referral program to recruit the most skilled employees to represent the company. Having the most experienced staff on your team can allow a business owner to step back and focus on other aspects of the company.

Paul believes that training employees to solve problems and to have that qualification as a new hire is essential in running a business. Someone with critical thinking skills is preferable since there will always be problems.

Herdsman’s success at NICE Global is due to his dedication to instilling autonomy, providing reward programs, and creating a family-like atmosphere for his employees.

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Luke Lazarus is an experienced marketing expert who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. He started his first business when he was eight years and went on to become one of the most standout students both in grade and his school.

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He got scholarships to pursue his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United States but chose to pursue higher and tertiary education in his home country, Australia.

After graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration, Luke Lazarus started his entrepreneurship journey where he has been the face and brain behind four startups.

However, Lazarus is a unique entrepreneur who is mostly focused on making a startup company succeed before he can dispose of it. He has already sold all the four startup companies that he started and made substantial profits to support his life.

However, like any other person who is passionate about what they do, Luke Lazarus has not moved out of the business world.

He is currently spending much of his time marketing and offering consultancy services to startup companies that are interested in breaking into the competitive and crowded consumer sector. He has a long list of satisfied customers that he has served in the last ten years.

His influence in the startup industry has been growing after guiding several startup companies to much-needed success. He is convincing in his approach and does not leave any stone unturned.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the startup companies fail after five years of inception. They do not make to see their fifth birthday because they are not run professionally.

Thousands of startups that are started in various parts of the world do not live to see their future and to realize their dreams as well. Lazarus highlights that business owners should make sure they have a complete understanding of the business market before they can invest their resources.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the companies don’t have the necessary infrastructure to attract venture capitalists who invest in various organizations to get profits when companies succeed.

Startup companies have failed to convince the limited number of investors about why they should invest in their companies. They do not have objectives, goals, and missions, which shows how they will expand and grow in the future.

Another major challenge in sourcing funds from investors is that hundreds of companies out there in the industry are not innovative enough to attract customers. Most of the entities are only investing in products and services that have been in the industry for many years. They have not been creating value for the customers.

Luke Lazarus notes that startup companies should make sure that they create value for their customers and investors as well.

He notes that the world has significantly changed, and both customers and investors must get something of value from the company for them to spend their money.

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For customers, the products on offer must solve their problems cheaply. On the other hand, investors must have a feeling that their investments will generate profits in the long term.

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