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Communication is turning out to be one of the most underrated aspects of the schooling environment these days, and ClassDojo is proving that with their tremendous effect on the educational system over the past several years. ClassDojo, unlike many other educational tools on the market today, is completely free for all students and parents to use to improve the schooling experience for all parties. With improved communication, teachers are able to keep their students focused and engaged in the classroom, helping them build greater proficiency in their studies and have more fun learning. Parents are able to keep up with their child’s schoolwork, regardless of timing issues or busy schedules, which greatly influences their child’s capability and desire to learn.

ClassDojo first launched in 2011 thanks to Sam and Liam, founders of ClassDojo. Their goal was to help improve the educational system and allow students to reach their maximum potential. After speaking with various teachers and institutions on the biggest problems facing the educational industry, communication was the most talked about. This inspired Sam and Liam to try something new and they created an entirely free to use app that targets communication rather than information. Success was found right away with ClassDojo, with nearly all students responding well to increased communication and participation from their parents.

Students using ClassDojo are able to share various things with the class board, such as notes, videos, pictures, stories, and more. Thanks to how much ClassDojo has continued to expand over the years, students in different classrooms around the globe can also share these videos with each other. With nearly all schools in the U.S. K-8 using ClassDojo alongside schools in over 180 different countries, students can experience different ethnicities, cultures, and walks of life right from their own classroom. This helps students improve their communication skills and create unity with each other despite their differences and diversities. Start taking action and get involved in the schooling community today with a ClassDojo invitation. Any classroom teacher can provide free invitations to parents and students.

Lori Senecal is a very powerful woman in the business world and has grown by leaps and bound to the level she is currently in. She attributes her current success in the business world to her early life. The path laid down for her by her older siblings gave her the much needed motivation to excel throughout her life both in school and at work.


Her career has been nothing short of an exemplary and successful. She has been widely known for her abilities to lead companies and taking them to better heights. Her dedication to spot and nurture brilliant talent has made her popular with both her employers and employees.

She graduated from the University of McGill with a degree in Sales and Marketing and soon after she joined the employment world. She has worked for and with several multi-national companies including; Nestle, Sprint, Staples, Molson, InBev, Nabisco and Xbox among others. Lori Senecal has also worked as Global Accountant Director for Coca Cola Company.


In 2003, she founded the TAG ideation a young-adult marketing unit. The unit has served to impact marketing and innovation ideas to the young business leaders and entrepreneurs. Between 2005 and 2008, Lori worked for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. as a Chief Marketing Officer. She was later promoted to head the entire Sales and Marketing division. She later served as McCann World Group as an Accountant Management Director. In 2009, Lori was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. For more details visit Ideamensch.


In March 2015, Lori she was appointed as the Crispin Porter and Bogusky Worldwide Chief Executive Officer. She also currently sits in the Advertising council as its Director. Her Time at Crispin Porter and Bogusky was a success as she was able to bring on board American Airlines on Crispin Porter and Bogusky portfolio after 25 years with TM advertising. She was also responsible for bringing on board PayPal and Hershey.


Besides advertising, Lori Senecal is also a brand architecture working with advanced knowledge in E-commerce. She provides direction in creating and actualizing business ideas. She always has a passion for mentoring young minds with a quest for business.



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Roberto Santiago can be described as one of the most influential individuals who is living in Brazil. This businessman is the founder and sole owner of the largest malls in the country. The businessman currently enjoys a lot of popularity in the world because of the steps he has made in the development of malls in the country. Roberto Santiago is currently living in Brazil, and his malls attract customers from all parts of the country. Santiago started from humble backgrounds, and he worked hard to acquire his position in the corporate world. His story of success has been told to many young people who want to perform well in business. The businessman never knew that he was going to turn into one of the leading investors in the country.

Roberto Santiago was born and also raised in one of the towns in Brazil, known as Joao Pessoa. His parents were living in this region of the country, and they took him to schools that were performing well in the city. The businessman never disappointed his parents when he was in school. Apart from being a bright student in almost all the subjects, the businessman was a disciple, and he took part in numerous activities in school. After completing his high school studies, the businessman decided that he was going to college so that he could venture into a great career. Roberto Santiago enrolled for a college course that was completed in less than three years.

When Roberto Santiago finished his college studies, he discovered that he wanted to go for a career in business. This challenged him to enroll for a degree in business administration. Santiago completed he degree and started his successful journey in business. His first investment was a carton production company that did not disappoint him. Santiago made a lot of wealth from the small institution. The businessman got enough capital to venture into real estate. Despite the numerous challenges people have to face because of their investments in the rough market, Roberto Santiago did well. The businessman purchased a piece of land and started the construction of a mall. When starting the construction, the businessman knew what he wanted in mind: a large mall that had never been established in the country before.

The Manaira Mall was opened in the year 1989, and it marked a new start for the shoppers in Brazil. The mall has numerous facilities where people can engage in. There are food centers, movie theaters, a social hall, a gym, equipped colleges and banks. Individuals can visit the mall for all their shopping needs without having to worry. The Manaira Mall has changed the lives of so many people too. There are thousands of people who have been given working opportunities in the facility.


Sheldon Lavin is not a meat processing expert by profession, instead, he is a financier. In 1970 Sheldon acted as a consultant for Otto & Sons and before long he became a partner in the meat processing organization which was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family business. In 1975 Mr. Lavin got fully involved in the business and he became a partner together with Otto sons. His involvement in the meat firm was of a great impact to the company because he helped Otto & Sons to expand their venture in other regions including; Southern America, Asia, Europe Northern America, as well as Europe. Later Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Group.

For more than 43 years Sheldon has been working in the meat firm, and his hard work and commitment have given him an opportunity to climb the career ladder in the organization. He was appointed the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. During his tenure, OSI has expanded tremendously with them expanding their market to Taiwan, Spain, and South Africa among other regions. Sheldon has also been in the forefront of acquiring other food processing companies which include Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe as well as a Dutch food company Baho Food. OSI Group has not expanded their market under Sheldon, instead, they have also been recognized on several occasions. Some of the Awards include the Global Visionary Awards which is awarded to visionaries in all fields.

Another Award won by OSI Group was Globe of Honor Award an award presented to the firm by the British Safety Council. Sheldon Lavin is not a leader in OSI Group but he is also very active in the community activities. He is an active member and a Trustee of Ronald McDonald House of Charities, and also participates in other philanthropic activities among them; United Negra College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Inner City Foundation, and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Mr. Lavin is also a Board member of several organizations including; Rush University Medical Center among others. Sheldon is a banker and a financier professional. Sheldon is proud of the achievements OSI Group has achieved through him but he does do not take all the glory, he has been closely working with like-minded individuals as well as an ambitious team. He is dedicated to continuing making OSI Group a world-class food processing organization meeting and exceeding their client’s needs.

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When you have created a product that has lasted over a decade and is still going strong, you are in some elite company. Bob Reina is in elite company, and he is a true American icon because of all of the good he has done. I would venture to guess that Bob Reina has been doing good things ever since he was little. It was the way he was raised, and it has followed him as an adult. First and foremost, one cannot talk about Bob Reina without mentioning his background as a police officer. It takes a person with a lot of courage and guts to have a job like that. It is not for everyone, and there is a lot of risk involved.


Instead of running away from the responsibility or hiding from it, Bob Reina took it on and embraced it. He loved being a police officer, and he loved the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. He has always been that way and I don’t see him changing for as long as he lives. He is a giver and not a taker. That is rare in today’s society. So many people are takers and they don’t ever stop to ask how someone else is doing or if they need any help. They are only interested in what is best for them. That is not Bob Reina. He is interested in the greater good of mankind. It starts with the customers that use Talk Fusion.


He knows Talk Fusion is for progressive people and people that are looking to change their lot in life. They want and need more out of life, and they need it right away. They can’t afford to be unhappy any longer. They are going to use this video communications service and turn their life around as soon as they get their hands on it. Bob Reina has also made a number of charitable donations to animal shelters as well.


Bob Reina is a huge animal lover and he wants to make sure they are properly taken care of and they have all of the essentials they need. Learn more:





Accomplished entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant, Shiraz Boghani, has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. He was originally from Kenya, and settled in the UK in 1969.

There, he began his training as an accountant in a small Chartered Accountants’ firm, and later moved to KPMG, formerly known as Thomson Mclintock & Co. As an entrepreneur, he had the ability to make things happen and now owns and manages 20 hotels.

In addition to his thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, Shiraz Boghani is also Chairman—and founding partner— of two organizations. The first, the Splendid Hospitality Group, has benefited from Boghani’s leadership enabling it to accomplish remarkable developments in London and different parts of the world. The second organization, Sussex Healthcare, was established in 1985, to care for the elderly. The organization has a chain of healthcare homes that care for those who have mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as assist those with disabilities. Both organizations have profited from Boghani’s business skills.

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Another organization which Shiraz Boghani has contributed to is the Aga Khan Foundation. The organization was developed to aid indigent communities around the globe, and Boghani has made major financial contributions. Some of his other projects include the development and launch of Hilton London Bankside—which took £121 million to establish and is one of the largest hotels in London—The Grand Hotel & Spa, York and Holiday Inn London, and The Conrad London St James.

Shiraz Boghani was awarded the ‘Hotelier of the Year‘ award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016. Boghani accepted the award graciously, and with a humble heart. He was praised by CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group, Stuart Bailey, for his inspirational dedication and exceptional hard work.

Overall, Shiraz Boghani has had many accomplishments in his life no doubt due to him being an innovative philanthropist and benefactor along with his passion for the hospitality industry. These attributes are abundantly apparent in his achievements and testify of his generous spirit.

You know how you meet people and think if only there were more people in the world like this person. And if there was then the world would be a better place. Well, Stream Energy is this type of organization. Not too long ago Stream Energy branched off a new wing. Its all new philanthropy foundation Stream Cares. When you see these types of businesses doing outreach work like seen on it truly gives you hope. Hope that the help this company is giving to the country is priceless. After Hurricane Harvey Stream Energy stepped up and stepped in to provide the critical assistance Texas residence needed.

During this time of need for Texas was in a now or never situation. There was no time to decide whether or not you could, should, or would help. This is what makes Stream Energy stick out from the rest. When will organizations like this get the recognition they deserve? We should sign up companies who go above and beyond to receive a reward for the best in philanthropy that year, decade, ever, etc. Stream Cares has partnered up with Hope Supply Co. In North Texas, there is an annual splash of Hope covering over a thousand meals and entrance cost. This event is hope for the homeless children to enjoy a day at a waterpark. This is an experience the children will remember their entire lives. While Stream Cares has supported this yearly event they are also providing the homeless with daily needed supplies they otherwise would not have.

Keep your home cool this summer by planting trees and shrubs around your house. The shade can help reduce the amount of heat that enters a house. #TipTuesday

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Items like diapers, supplies for school, clothing and more. Stream Cares is constantly trying to find creative and strategic ways to give back more. Organizations with this type of mindset have a heart. Imagine if all companies could attempt to give back just ten percent of what is earned every year. With businesses like Stream Energy/Cares there will be and is hope for more companies to do the same. Although there are businesses contributing and giving back there will always be a reason to help one another. The stream is setting an example for others to hopefully follow their footsteps/actions. If we all could learn one thing from them is this, giving back is giving our future the resources to grow.

Even as the financial world has evolved over the years, people are still struggling to manage their finances. There is a wide range of financial options available in the market today that people can invest in, but fail to do so at the right time. The people need to understand the importance of entering the stock market and picking right stock at the right time. In the otherwise case, it would be of no use, and one may just end up suffering from loss. Paul Mampilly, one of the most reputed stock market analysts and investors, and also the chief editor at Banyan Hill Publishing wants to educate people on how to pick stocks in the equity market and know when to invest and when to exit. Follow Paul on

Paul Mampilly has worked for many years in the financial world and provided great results to his clients and the companies he has worked for. However, he felt that he is just helping wealthy people get richer and thus, moved on to join Banyan Hill Publishing. Currently, as the chief editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and as the editor of Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly wants to help common people gain profits from the equity market. There are numerous stocks that Paul Mampilly hand picks and recommends to the people to invest in. Most of the stocks that Paul Mampilly has recommended has delivered results to its investors and has shown consistent growth.


Among many different stocks he has recommended, one of them is Tesla. Just as Nokia and Blackberry lost their hold in the market after Steve Jobs introduced Apple iPhone in the market, the auto industry too is about to see such a change. Tesla Model 3 is one of the most innovative vehicles in the auto industry in the world and will bring down the cost of owning a car by a great margin. While most other vehicles need fuel and have a high maintenance cost, the electric car Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that has no gasoline cost and will have fewer parts that have to be serviced or replaced every year bringing down the cost of owning a vehicle. The introduction of Tesla Model 3 has already soared the price of Tesla stocks and its price expected to increase further as the day of its launch come near. Thus, according to Paul Mampilly, Tesla is one of the hottest stocks to purchase at the moment. Follow Paul Mampilly on

For those living in Brazil, it is always a good idea to work with a lawyer that you can trust. The reason a lot of people struggle to find a good lawyer is because they do not know who to go to and who to hire for their needs. This is why it’s imperative to research several different lawyers to find the one who is right for you and who is going to help with the different cases that you need to open in a court of law. With the right lawyer, you’ll be sure to get the help that you need to win your case and receive adequate compensation.

One of the best lawyers in Brazil is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has worked for years within the field and has helped dozens of people who have been going to court. Ricardo Tosto will be able to represent you in a court of law so that you are not having to do this on your own. Plus, Ricardo Tosto has the experience behind him to get the job done in a way that is highly beneficial for you. Also, Ricardo Tosto has the education behind him to let you know you’re hiring a true professional. Not only has he studied law and all that goes into representing a client in court, but he has also gone to university for business administration, enabling him to run a business that benefits those who require his services.

Ricardo Tosto is a prime choice for individuals who know that they need a professional to represent them in a court of law. Working with a variety of different clients has given this professional the edge to help people in need when they have a case coming up in court. Before you represent yourself in court and possibly lose the case, Ricardo Tosto can assist you and talk with you when it comes to getting the right type of help for your needs. Be sure to contact Ricardo Tosto for more information or to hire him to get you started on a case that you need done.

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Whitney Wolfe is under 30, but she has already established herself as a force within the world of online dating and socializing. The entrepreneur created the app Bumble, which takes a different approach to socializing and dating.

Bumble was founded in 2014, and it is quite different from its most direct competitor Tinder. While both are location-based social and dating apps, Bumble takes a different approach to the dating aspect. It is one that empowers women within heterosexual interactions.

In same-sex matches, either individual may initiate a conversation via Bumble. However, when it comes to heterosexual matches, the woman has to initiate the conversation. In an era of the #MeToo movement, the app takes a very definite feminist approach.

Whitney Wolfe was very deliberate in designing the app to empower women within online dating interactions. She has sought for Bumble to be different from other dating apps in that it fosters positive social interaction. Among the steps it has taken have been to ban mirror selfies and photos taken in underwear.

Another step that Whitney Wolfe has taken in establishing Bumble as a female-friendly space has been to ban gun photos from the app. This was done as a way to help keep users from feeling threatened.

Bumble also has stepped up to prevent bullying on its platform. When a male user went on a tirade after a woman asked him about his career, he was barred from the app and an anti-bullying letter was posted to its blog.

Bumble’s feminist approach has proven successful. Although it has been in business for less than half-a-decade, Bumble’s membership has already reached approximately 22 million users.

In addition to the dating side of things, Bumble has delved into social and business aspects. Bumble BFF helps to match up potential friends, and Bumble Bizz is a social networking tool to make business contacts.

Whitney Wolfe has been widely recognized as a business success. In 2014, Business Insider named her as one of its “30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech” for that year. Two years later, she was recognized as one of Elle’s “Women in Tech.” Then, 2017 saw her named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.

It isn’t only her Bumble users who have found love. Whitney Wolfe has also had her own romantic success. In 2017, she wed Michael Herd in Positano, Italy.

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