OSI Industries Ltd., Takes Leadership of Major Food Facility

Enjoy The Opportunity For Organic Processed Food With OSI

The food industry has always been a lucrative industry, but they go by strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the general public. The government imposes regulations and food industry professionals must comply with international laws. OSI Industries was able to meet the demands of a complex food industry within complete compliance. Their local area competitors found themselves under stiff penalties and fees unable to comply to a stabilized food network. OSI are the leading food service giants in North America with business partnerships around the world.

OSI Industries Leads In International Bid

The popular online business magazine, Business Newswire, reports a successful OSI acquisition in the EU food industry worth $7 million dollars. The deal will allow the OSI food group to operate their largest food service plant through the Flagship Europe partnership. They will now process their frozen poultry products and restaurant condiments. The success of the deal has created business growth for the Europe food industry. OSI Industries Food Group stockholders are moved by the expansion of their business portfolio with continued growth of their assets estimated at more than $65.5 billion dollars.

David McDonald; OSI Team Executive

It’s unprecedented to hear about a big corporation reaching out to impoverished communities, but OSI Industries stands as one of the very few. Their leadership professional and president, David McDonald, has created over 2,200+ international jobs that have contributed to the socio-economic empowerment of thousands of adults. His efforts are a part of a sustainability model designed to create jobs and serve the communities they partner with around the world. McDonald was the recent 2017 honoree of the prestigious Global Visionary Awards.

Visit the OSI Industries website for more details about how to apply for a unique employment opportunity among several areas around the world. Join the OSI Industries Ltd., Food Group and feed your family a safe meal processed by the professionals approved by the FDA.

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