OSI Industries & Its New Quest In Alternative Meats

When it comes to food manufacturing on the highest level, there are quite a few companies that will fall underneath this particular category. In regards to this specific article, OSI Industries fits the bill perfectly. Management, processing, distribution and sourcing services have all been achieved with this Illinois-based food provider. OSI has at least 100 years of total experience in the food industry, and this 100 years of experience is reaping great returns as of 2019. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

In today’s society, alternatives to meat is in high demand as people have become more aware of their personal health needs. This is where meatless products have decided to intervene. Meatless foods have gained a loyal following over the course of a few years, and these products are quite tasty. Impossible Foods specializes in meat-alternative products, but the California-based company couldn’t meet the huge demands of the public. Growing as a company would be out of the window if the company couldn’t partner with a specialist. Since OSI Industries was well-aware of the changing landscape in the food industry, this food giant was able to partner with Impossible Foods to produce its fan-favorite Impossible Burger.

By partnering with OSI, Impossible Foods can now meet the huge demands of the public because OSI can handle a wide variety services. This includes production and distribution. OSI Industries has what it takes to fuel the demand of the Impossible Burger. The company has many technologically advanced facilities that utilizes high-capacity production lines. This means that OSI can process a high number of meatless-burger patties. What more could you ever ask for from a food manufacturer? OSI Industries is literally evolving as you read this article, and it’s raising the bar once again.

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