OSI Industries And Impossible Foods Partner On Production Of Impossible Burgers

Impossible Foods has run into not having the capacity to meet the demand for their Impossible Burger. This has led to shortages across the nation, with many restaurants unable to get any of these increasingly popular meat-substitute patties. To solve this problem, they have signed a co-manufacturing collaboration agreement with OSI Industries. OSI, a global food provider, will provide capacity to Impossible Foods at their Oakland, California food production facility. OSI Industries will begin producing Impossible Burgers in August 2019. The agreement extends beyond 2019. Sheetal Shah is the senior VP of product and operations at Impossible Foods. He said that they were highly impressed with OSI’s responsiveness, ability to deliver, and commitment to producing high-quality food.

OSI has already installed the equipment at its Oakland facility to produce Impossible Burgers. Senior Executive Vice President Kevin Scott of OSI Industries stated that his team was looking forward to working with Impossible Foods. He said that Impossible Foods is one of the most innovative and ambitious startups in his industry. Partnering with Impossible Foods helps fulfill OSI’s commitment to providing sustainable food options to its customers and consumers. Impossible Burgers has been met with overwhelming demand by consumers, especially since version 2.0 was introduced in January 2019. Impossible Foods had strong growth in every one of their sales categories.

This includes chain restaurants, independent restaurants, sports stadiums, theme parks, college cafeterias, and museums. Impossible Burgers is available at around 10,000 restaurants in North America and Europe. The Impossible Burger is the top-selling product at many of the restaurants it is sold at. It is credited with driving foot traffic to restaurants. Burger King is planning to roll out Impossible Burgers to all of its locations after a test run in St. Louis was highly successful. OSI Industries has been producing food since 1909. They are a global company and one of the world’s leaders in providing value-added protein products. They are based in Aurora, Illinois, and have facilities in 17 nations. They will be producing Impossible Burgers in a separate area from where they create meat-based products.

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