OSI Group Is Committed To Bringing High Quality Food To The Fast Food Counter

Looking back in history, the beginning of the 20th century brought many European immigrants to America to start a new life. One immigrant of German descent, Otto Kolschowsky, made a decision that would have an impact on many generations to come. In 1909, Otto opened a neighborhood meat shop two years after arriving in the Chicago area. That was the year that the humble start of OSI Group began.

Otto served his community as a butcher in Oak Park, IL. It was with hard work and long hours that he was able to grow his small business, and all the while he adhered to his commitment to good service and high quality products. These were the core values that would determine the success of his business, and they are the same core values of OSI Group 111 years later. The company is dedicated to delivering to its customers only the best ingredients in everything they sell. It is now one of the largest private companies in the US.

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Years later, Otto’s sons worked in the store with him, and eventually they took over the business. The business began to experience tremendous growth with the start of the McDonald’s hamburger chain in the 1950s. The founder, Ray Kroc, selected Otto and Sons as the beef supplier to his local restaurant near Chicago. It was his first location, and as Ray opened more stores, he continued to use the Kolschowsky family as a primary meat distributor. The McDonald’s food chain still purchases much of their food and food solutions from OSI Group.

The company produces and distributes a variety of food products from its own facilities throughout the world. Meat production includes beef, chicken, and pork as ready to cook patties, strips, and slices. OSI Group also distributes pre-sliced vegetables, pizza dough, eggs, cheese, hot dogs, snacks, and condiments. The firm is expanding, and currently supplies food to businesses in 67 countries. The executive team at OSI Group is looking to continue the company’s plans for expansion.



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