OSI Group a Giant in the Food Processing Industry

OSI Group is one of the lead food manufacturing and processing company that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. The company has an impressive history that spans over 100 years. The firm started as a humble butcher meat shop in Chicago USA under the name Otto & Sons. Today the company boasts of being one of the top food processing companies with more than 65 branches and partners all over the world. Food safety, green practices, and sustainability are the things that have been able to make OSI successful company in the meat processing industry.

OSI breakthrough into the food industry market was in 1955 when the company got into partnership with McDonald’s. OSI Group then Otto & Sons was chosen to be McDonald’s hamburger main supplier. Sheldon Lavin, the Current CEO, also came on board in 1970 and helped steered the company into the global market. OSI in recent years has continued to grow exponentially and has made several acquisitions.

In 2016 OSI Group acquired Tyson Food production plant in Chicago at the cost of 7.4 million dollars. The acquisition was a strategic move since Tyson Food was closer to an existing OSI plant facility in Chicago. Tyson plant has a total of 200,000 square feet thus space created more room for storage and allowed for additional growth.

The same year 2016 OSI acquired a controlling stake in Baho Foods. This was another significant move for the company as Baho distributes a wide range of foods and meat products in the Netherlands and Germany. The acquisition of Baho was strategic and an important venture to OSI since it had a considerable presence in the meat industry business in Europe. Moreover, Baho gave it a continental reach and provision of a wide array of products such as the deli meats and quick snacks. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Group has won several major awards and among them is the prestigious Globe of Honor Award which they received in 2016 from the British Safety Council. The award was presented to the company for the exemplary management of environmental risks. The award luncheon ceremony took place at Drapers Hall London on November 25, 2016.


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