Organo Gold and Driven Team Members

Organo Gold honestly doesn’t like maintaining the status quo. It’s an ambitious Ferndale, Washington phenomenon that’s constantly testing things out. It’s constantly trying brand new beverage concepts and pathways as well. Organo Gold is ambitious thanks to its leadership. Bernardo Chua is the driven man who made it in 2008. He’s the man who has taken Organo Gold to the limit and beyond.

Organo Gold is a significant business in the personal care sector. People who are looking into their choices in personal care products frequently are drawn to it. People who are looking into their choices in Ganoderma lucidum coffees and teas are drawn to it as well.

According to Organo Gold wants the people of the world to have access to products that can get them on the track to wellness. It wants the people of the world to be able to savor coffee and best tea beverages that essentially epitomize excellence, too.


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