Nitin Khanna Formed The Oregon Based Company MergerTech Advisors

Nitin Khanna was born in India and eventually moved to the United States when he was 17 years old to focus on his academics. Entrepreneurship was common in Nitin’s family, but his initial focus when joining Purdue University was engineering, and he spent several years studying to earn his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

While Nitin was considering a graduate program in robotics at Purdue, the urge to get started on his career wouldn’t leave him. He decided to leave his studying behind to find a position at International Paper as a Manufacturing Engineer. After a year of engineering work, Nitin found a position as a Senior Consultant at Oracle, a computer technology company, where he spent the next four years.

In 1998, Nitin Khanna left Oracle to start his entrepreneurial career alongside his brother by co-founding the company SaberCorp. SaberCorp was formed as a computer software company, and it eventually went on to become a leading provider of election software. Through SaberCorp, more than 20 states were able to update their election software to help voters with improved systems.

In just nine years decade, Nitin and his brother’s company was earning more than $100 million per year as a leading provider of software technology in Oregon. By 2008, just one decade after Nitin co-founded SaberCorp, he managed to sell the company off for $450 million to the EDS Corporation. After the sale, Nitin continued his work with EDS to maintain company operations and continue building the revenue stream. Nitin didn’t end up staying long because he still had more plans to start up another company, which he did the following year in 2009 with MergerTech.

MergerTech is an advisory company that specializes in helping businesses optimize their strategies through personalized plan building. In just a decade, like his former startup, MergerTech has become a leader in its market with a valuable reputation and alternative services that many other companies in the industry do not offer, including constant consultation.



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