News Watch TV Reviews Helping Fund the Future

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet has enjoyed working with News Watch TV two times now. In the past they were crowdfunding a project, and now they are back again for a new project. She and her company team love to work with them. They think the team, support, and even the interviewer were all great for the project, and helped them move it along nicely.

She also thinks that there was a lot of success from their work with News Watch TV. Currently they’re launching a third device in their Ockel line. This device is a complete desktop PC, running on windows ten, with the benefits of a mobile device. This was one of the projects that News Watch TV helped crowd fund for. She also talks about a previous project, a pair of sports headphones that News Watch TV helped them with as well.

News Watch TV is a TV show that features consumer news primarily with mobile app reviews, editorial and sponsored electronic reviews, and breaking medical and government news. It is an award winning show. It airs weekly to over 200 markets in the United States. They call themselves the “trusted source for breaking consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment news”. This means that when you see their reviews you can trust that they are accurate and honest.

News Watch TV has been around since March of 1990, and recently aired it’s 1,000th episode. This show helps to promote and fund ground breaking technology as well as share news with the world about things ranging from celebrities to government and health issues. Over the year it has featured 650 different celebrities. It is currently aired on ION Network and AMC Network as well. They are currently located in Washington DC and reach over 96 million households with each episode.



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