New Residential Investment Corp Success Comes from Identifying Opportunities in the Market

New Residential Investment Corp operates as an investment trust and was incorporated in 2011. It has focused its operations on investments in the growing real estate market of the USA. Residential real estate investing and management has proven capable of improving the earnings of New Residential Investment Corp. The investment trust’s portfolio includes residential mortgage-backed securities, mortgage loans, and other investments.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially formed by the Newcastle Investment Corp as its subsidiary and it controlled all its operations from 2011 to 2013. In 2013 New Residential Investment Corp was declared a separate entity of Newcastle and even went public. Its aim now is earning strong returns through its wide range of real estate investment endeavors. It has been performing considerably well boasting of 74% revenues growth in the last three years. The company’s team of investors and market analyst are well experienced and are supporting its goals by delivering attractive returns.

New Residential Investment Corp only invests in assets expected to bring in long-term cash flow. As the mortgage market grows more complex each year, the opportunities within it are increasing. Additionally, the residential housing market, which has a value of $21 billion is also another avenue for New Residential Investment Corp to increase its investments.

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