Nashville Real Estate Values Are At An All Time High

Nashville real estate property values are currently at the highest it has been since they started doing property assessments twenty six years ago. Nashville is growing, with a lot of property being built as buildings are being replaced with condos and town homes. When 2017 rolls around and its time to do the tax assessments, they are fully expecting for the value of real estate property to climb up over 34%. Each section of town will vary, but it is a huge jump over what they have seen in many years. In the past, the improvements in real estate value have been more along the line of 5%. This is only based on single family homes, with Nashville showing the most growth in the older areas. Taxes will still stay the same by law because of the automatic adjustment there. Other counties taxes may go up after the tax assessment is done though, places that have become favorite places for new, incoming residents. Some popular areas may increase in value as much as forty percent. East Nashville has become one of the favorite places to buy a home and live.

Scott Lumley now owns Resolve Financials which is located in Tennessee and offers services that help people with resolving their debts, pulling all their debts together to pay one payment, chapter 7 bankruptcy, business planning and development, helping companies that may be going under, managing a business, helping businesses with help with financial counseling, help with debt, financial help, and many other services.

Scott Lumley is an Entrepreneur who has started companies like, large lots, and, he has made millions from each one of these endeavors. He says that success is a lifestyle you have to live everyday and its not just about money, it is about being a good parent, having a happy family and doing the very best in business everyday. It is also about making your customers happy and making that a priority. He also says that you cannot depend on a company to be successful forever so it is best to have more than one business going at a time. Consumer interests change, fads come and go, you have to keep up on what works and what doesn’t. He also keeps up with his companies daily with different ways via the internet and stays on top of problems daily.
Scott Lumley started his businesses with selling close-out inventory on Ebay which is now making one and a half million dollars a year and has a very high approval rating from his customers. He then opened a website selling wholesale electronics online in large amounts. He also sells to individuals on that same site at retail prices and does very well selling whatever electronics are hot at the moment. Lumley started his third business online by selling) items wholesale from one business to another.  He sells overstock merchandise to the public that constantly changes as he finds deals so customers never know what they may find. He then started an auction site where people can sell whatever they want online and it has been very successful. The site’s inventory comes from a group of liquidating companies with only a five percent fee of the price they sell it for. If it is not sold it can be listed again until it sells with no cost until it sells. He also reinvented the American Basketball League with a team he started in Nashville, Tenneessee called the Nashville Broncs.

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    He is all about helping people and making sure people don’t lose their businesses and homes. It did so well that he decided to transfer that business to retail locations and opened the business to individual buyers as well. That is the connection in which would have used against them will be very detrimental to the future of everyone if it is not concerned.

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