Mr. Todd Lubar Career as a Realtor and a Finance

Todd Lubar first joined the real estate industry in 1995 as the developer and through the success that he achieved he broadened his scope in the business by also becoming finance to other developers. Through the provision of financial support to other developers in real estate, Mr. Lubar has been able to realize his dreams of being able to build houses for other people as well as enabling those that what to build their houses get access to affordable financing loans from him.

Before venturing out on his own as an investor in the real estate, Mr. Lubar worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While working there, Mr. Lubar acquired valuable skills and experience which he would later employ in his mortgage business. One of the most important things that he learned was how to devise a good and conservative mortgage plan which favored those people that wanted to become homeowners. To fully realize his dream Mr. Lubar went on to employ other real estate agents, CPAs, very qualified financial planners and the best insurance agents to help run his growing business. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

His big achievement soon came when he acquired an equity seat at the Legacy Financial Group. It is through this position that enabled him to increase his lending ability to more investors in real estate. In 2002, Mr. Todd Lubar opened Legendary Properties. The Legendary Properties then became a residential development company which undertook the task of buying, rehabilitation and later selling of properties. This enabled the company to make the profit as this process took a short time to complete. Check out his page

In 2003, Todd Lubar was also able to begin Charter Funding which enabled him to offer mortgages to families that wanted to own their homes without having to go through the process of building one. Through his innovative techniques that Mr. Todd introduced into the real estate sector, he has been able to grow his business to become very successful. The most important creative idea that Lubar devised involved the automotive way of recycling scrap metal and as a result won him an excellent reputation as an environmentalist.

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