Mobile World Live And FreedomPop Discuss Their Alternative Phone Service

Mobile World Live talked to FreedomPop about their cell phone service, and a lot of interesting information came out of this talk. The company is a brand new voice in mobile communication, but they are not charging customers a lot of money for their phones. FreedomPop is exactly the opposite, and they are trying to charge their customers as little as possible when they get a phone. The plan is to make cell phones available to everyone.

The worldwide plan for FreedomPop is to keep raising venture capital so that they can have network capability all over the world. They can keep moving to new countries where people are not able to get cell phones, or they can offer the lowest prices to everyone. Their CEO thinks that FreedomPop will be a better alternative to regular cell phones because people will not have to spend so much money on them. FreedomPop makes the phones cheap, and they even charge nothing for their basic plan.

There are other cheap plans that do not cost much at all, and the people who want to save money can easily save a lot of money if they start with FreedomPop today. The free plans will help people who do not have access or money to get a cell phone, and the cheap plans will be helpful for people who do not want to spend as much money as they normally do on their phones or plans.

The genius behind the FreedomPop plan is that it saves a lot of money for everyone no matter what their situation is. People who want to get a cheap phone can get one from FreedomPop, and people who want to get a cheap plan can do that. There are free plans to help disadvantaged people, and there are free plans that will help people who just do not have the funds that another company would ask. FreedomPop makes cell phones accessible again.
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